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9 Things Only A Person Who Laughs A Lot Will Relate To – Laugh More! Live More!

Laugh More! Live More!

So, Laugh! Laugh! and Laugh! This is what am gonna do in life. Sounds good? Well, this is what every person who loves laughing will say.  Laughing is a good therapy and for a change, it is the best medicine in the world for any disease. It will always make you healthy. There are some things which only a laughing person can relate too. Let’s have a look

#1. Whenever you are bored, you laugh.


Laughing is good. And the best part of it is to laugh is it won’t let you feel bored at any cost. And whenever you are bored, you laugh.

#2. You often laugh so hard that your tears come out.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (2)

You laugh so much and ends only when your tears come out.

#3. Your laughter is always funnier than the joke.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (8)

Lol. Sometimes you laugh in such a hilarious way that people prefers to laugh at you in spite of the joke.

4. You can laugh at the same joke once, twice, and thrice and unanimous tines.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (5)

Normal people laughs at a joke once. But you can laugh limitless with the same level of excitement.

#5. When you start laughing, you can’t stop yourself at all.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (7)

Normal people – heard the joke, laugh and then stop!
You- heard the joke, laugh and then still laughing.

6. You are probably the jolliest person of your group.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (6)

Yes. Because of you, people get the time to laugh.

7. You still watch cartoons just because it has humor.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (1)

You still watch Tom and Jerry, Mr Bean and other cartoons just because it gives you a chance to laugh.

8. You sometimes laugh about serious things too.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (4)

Yes, it’s kinda awkward moment when everyone is expecting a silent and serious behavior, and you are still laughing like anything.

9. You are healthy and has many friends.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (3)

You are fit and healthy, and people likes your company.

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7 Things You’ll Face When You’re The Only Vegetarian In Your Gang

Being a vegetarian is good and healthy. It’s better to be safe and healthy. Isn’t that true? Yes, it is. Being vegetarian is always good.  But nowadays, vegetarians are barely found or we can say being a vegans is really too hard. And not just that but they suffers a lot too. Wanna know what are they? Come, let’s see.

#1. You can’t be a part of your group dinner

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (1)

Yes. Since everyone else eats non-veg and you are the only person who eats vegetarian food, you will be the odd one out and hence can’t be the part of the group lunch or dinner.

#2. And if in case you joined, all you feel like is Vomit! Vomit! and Vomit!

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (1)

For vegetarians, it’s just not their cup of tea.

#3. When everyone is talking about non-veg food, you prefer to stay out of it.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (7)

Yes. When everyone is doing chit chat about their favorite non-veg cuisine, all you can do is to stay quiet.

#4. According to society, you lack behind.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (4)

According to society, you lack behind from the generation because you are vegetarian.

#5. You generally skip eating pastries and cakes because it contains egg.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (2)

If you are just pure vegetarian types, you won’t eat egg too and hence can’t eat tasty pastries.

#6. Whenever you go for lunch, you don’t have many choices of food as compared to non-vegetarians.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (5)

Yes. You can’t eat seafood, and many other cuisines contain non-veg. Your choices of food are so very limited.

#7. Last but not the least, you are weaker than them.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (3)

Of course, it’s true. Non-vegetarians eat many things, and they are full of nutritious as compared to you.

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7 Weird But Common Things You Can Do When You Are Home Alone!

Generally, our lives are so busy that we don’t have some time for ourselves too. Tight schedule, hectic day and so much tiredness. Even Sundays are also busy. But for a change, when you get some free day or free time or is home alone, then what do you do?

Lets check out these fun things which you can do when you are home alone:

#1. Sleep! Sleep! And sleep!

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (1)

The best way to utilize your time in some good cause is to sleep. Isn’t that true? Especially when you are home alone and being killed by boredom.

#2. Make a debut in kitchen

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (8)

Yes. If you haven’t been to your kitchen for so long, then it’s a high time to visit it. Take a glimpse of it.

#3. Watch movies like sex and the city

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (2)

Lol. Yes. The best perk of being home alone is that you can watch anything which you can’t see at least with your parents.

4. Clean your room

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (5)

Yeah. Clean your room and keep everything in organized way.

5. Inviting some close friend to home

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (7)

Friends+ you- parents= unlimited fun

6. Spending Me time

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (6)

The most important thing to do is to spend some alone time. Relax! Breathe! Dance! Shout aloud! Do whatever you feel. You will feel good.

7. Study

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (4)

Last but not the least! Alas. Read some novels, newspapers, blogs or your course books.

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Woman Sleeps With A Snake Daily And One Day Her Doctor Told…

Pets are our life. We love them, we adore them, play with them and what not? Having a pet is such a beautiful feeling as they won’t betray you. They don’t lie. They are pure. They won’t let you feel alone ever. You can play with them, eat with them and even sleep with them. Wait.

Did I say sleep with them?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (4)

Yes. A woman also did the same. She loves animal and hence adopted a python as her pet.

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (7)

Yes, you heard it right. A big python as a pet. But then, something happened that she never thought about…

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (6)

One day, the 4-meter long python stopped eating. The woman got tensed and took her to the vet. The vet asked, do you sleep with your snake? Wraps around you? Really close ?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (1)

She said, yes. We sleep with each other everyday. But now, he is not eating anything. And BTW, why are you asking this to me? How does it matter?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (3)

The vet told the lady- Mam, he isn’t sick neither sad. Your python is alright. He is perfectly fine.  He is just making some good space to eat you. Yes. He is preparing himself to eat you. When he hugs you or grab your body, it means that he is checking whether you are perfect to become his meal or not. He isn’t eating anything as he doesn’t have enough space to eat you right now. You must be careful and always check how your pet is behaving and what he actually wants.

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (5)

Really scary!!! Isn’t it?


5 Easy And Quick Ways To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Everybody wants the glowing skin but how to get glowing skin is the question that remains forever.  Many of you have wasted money on beauty products, cosmetics, expensive treatments, but you got nothing out of it.

Glowing skin is the passion of every individual and it should be. Glowing skin makes you look smart and confident. It is your right to look charming. It is possible with few simple steps given below. It feels amazing when your skin glows.

Hurray! Not to worry. Following are the five simple ways to get glowing skin.

#1. Drink Enough Water

5-Quick-Ways-To-Glow-Your-Skin-Naturally (3)

Water is life. Everybody knows the importance of water in every respect of life. How our glowing skin is possible without drinking plenty of water? Water removes impurity from our body and purifies the body.  It cleanses the body in order to eliminate toxins and waste. Hydrating the body is the main function of water. It removes excess oil and dirt from the body. This, in turn, glows your skin.

#2. Manage Your Stress

5-Quick-Ways-To-Glow-Your-Skin-Naturally (5)

No person in this world is without stress may it be student, businessman, working professionals or house maker. Continuous stress makes you look older. To have a healthy lifestyle is a must in today’s high paced life. 7-8 Hours sleep reduces your stress and rejuvenates you. Manage your stress and practice the healthy life.

#3. Follow Your Yoga

5-Quick-Ways-To-Glow-Your-Skin-Naturally (1)

Yoga improves natural glow of your skin. Yoga disciplines your excretory system and makes internal purification better.  Yoga helps to heal skin infection.  Glowing skin does not only mean your external body it is the count of your external and internal system both.

#4. Eating Fruits

5-Quick-Ways-To-Glow-Your-Skin-Naturally (4)

Everyone likes fruit for their amazing taste. It helps enjoy the healthy life as it contains lots of vitamins, fibre, and nutrients. Include two fruits daily to your diet and you will experience lighter and energetic in the day to day life. It is not that important what you apply externally to your skin but it is much more important as what diet you take within. If fruit diet is not in within your skin will look dull, undernourished and unhealthy.

Citrus fruit whitens and lightens your skin by reducing acne marks. Eating fruits are as important as love and laughter in life to have an optimum life.

#5. Taking Care Of Your Skin

5-Quick-Ways-To-Glow-Your-Skin-Naturally (2)

You are the master of your skin. The only person who has to take care of your skin is you. Identify your skin tone and type of your skin. Use branded products for your skin as per your skin type. Use day cream after washing your face in the morning. On the similar lines apply night cream after washing face. It nourishes your skin. Removing makeup is as important as putting it on. Remove makeup by using cleansing foam. Do not let your makeup on your face when you sleep. Use sun cream lotion when your body faces the sun. Direct Sun may burn your skin and may damage your skin tone. Cover up your face on Sun. Use natural homemade fruit face pack like Sandalwood powder, papaya, banana with honey for your skin for better results. Check here also for home remedies to remove Acne scars, Stretch marks, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Sun-tan.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be In A Long Distance At Least Once In Life.

Some people have a healthy, happy and cute relationship where the couple meets every day, and they go for random dates, frequent intercourse and much more. Agreed? Well, there is much more. But in spite of being in a normal relationship where you meet every day, have you ever tried a long distance relationship? No? Then let’s read some benefits which will force you to go for a long distance.

#1. You will get to know how much you love each other.

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Be-In-A-Long-Distance-At-Least-Once (1)

Yes, it’s true. When you frequently meet each other, your love keeps on increasing. But when you don’t meet each other every day and still you feel each other, it’s love. In many cases the love starts fading when we don’t see each other but if it’s   true its forever.

#2. You will enjoy those long phone calls.

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Be-In-A-Long-Distance-At-Least-Once (3)

Ahem ahem. I don’t think its a very new thing. But still the best feeling. Isn’t it? While being in a long distance relationship, you will get the chance to attend those long phone calls where you forget everything else except that special one. Isn’t it?

#3. That desperation of meeting each other.

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Be-In-A-Long-Distance-At-Least-Once (13)

Of course, we always get desperate for meeting our love. But when you are in a long distance relationship, the feel and the level of that desperation is beyond everything.

#4. And finally, when the day comes, you just don’t understand from where to start.


We have so much to say but still quite. You waited too long for this day, but when it finally came, you are numb. Trust me; it’s the best feeling you can get.

#5. That particular feel when you start getting close.


Intimacy is the best phase of life. But when you get habitual of getting touched, the spark goes down.  But if you both share those intimate moments rarely, you will enjoy that moment a lot. The level of the spark will remain same. That touch, that embrace, you will feel it genuinely.

#6. You can live a balanced life.


Nothing is healthy if we take an overdose of it. Neither love nor anything else. If you will meet occasionally, talk daily and can get some time for other things too, you will be happy.

#7. You don’t need to panic for what to wear always.


Hah, that’s true. More you meet, more clothes you need. Less you meet, less you need to worry about your looks.

#8. You can plan everything before you meet.


You can plan what to wear, where to go, what to do, what to talk etc. However, nothing’s going to happen according to your planning but make plans with each other has its own importance.

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9 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Mind While Having $ex

Going to be in someone’s arm but scared? There are some certain things which you should take care while sharing your “we moments” with your beloved ones. Excited to know what are they? Then keep on scrolling.

#1. Never stay quite

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (6)

Don’t keep quite always. Say something in lower sound. It won’t let you look awkward or weird.

#2. Don’t treat the $ex like porn

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (3)

Don’t deal with it like porn. It’s a way more different what you see in it.

#3. Don’t pressurize him/her for anything

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (7)

Pressurizing your partner for being intimate won’t help you at all. Do what you both want.

#4. Always listen to your partner


Listening will help you a lot as this is the only way of knowing what your partner actually wants and if he/she is enjoying it or not.

#5. Just don’t attack but feel it

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (5)

If you will just attack your partner then maybe you can win his/her body but not the person. Doing anything with feeling is actually an amazing feeling one can go through.

#6. Be gentle

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (8)

Don’t put your all weight on your partner as maybe he/she isn’t capable of bearing it. Always be gentle and calm. It will attract your beloved ones a lot.

#7. Never let your love become your lust

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (4)

Always keep the difference between your love and lust. Never let your partner feels like that it’s your lust for them.

#8. Let the flow go on

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (1)

Go with the flow. Don’t stop in between and live the moment.

#9. Make yourself stress-free

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (2)

The most important perk of having intercourse with your partner is it makes you stress-free. So always keep all the other thoughts of your mind aside and make it your best day so far.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Not Change Your Surname After Marriage

After the marriage, a lady leaves her house, adapt all new changes such as calling her in-law’s mom dad, devotes her entire life to her spouse and his family and leaves her every old thing like clothing style, behavior, the way of living and even her surname.  But why surname? Does she really need to do so? A big NO! Here are some reasons which will tell you why you shouldn’t change your surname after marriage.

#1. It’s your identity

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (5)

Your name is not just a name but your identity, and you don’t need to change it at any cost.

#2. You don’t like his surname

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (6)

It may happen that you don’t like his surname and hence don’t want to change it.

#3. You love your maiden name

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (1)

You love your maiden name and don’t want to replace it as you’re in love with your name.

#4. Too much paperwork

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (1)

The paperwork is too much and hectic to handle, and you are pretty much good with your real name so what’s the deal?

#5. It’s a stereotype thinking

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (4)

It is actually a stereotype thinking that a girl needs to change her name after marriage, and you completely agree to it.

#6. You are self-obsessed

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (2)

Me! Me! Me! I even don’t like to change the curtains against my will so how can I change my surname? If you can relate it to yourself 😉

#7. You will go through Identity Crisis

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (3)

You will have to change it from social media and other places which may lead to an identity crisis.

#8. You don’t need a reason for it

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (2)

Last but not the least; you really don’t need any reason for not changing your surname after marriage as it’s actually irritating to leave your name with which you lived your 26-28 years, and you are really not prepared for it.

These were some reasons which say that you don’t need to change your surname after marriage. Please share your views on it. We will highly appreciate your valuable feedback.

10 Reasons Why Being A Teenager Is The Most Difficult Time Of Your Life

Being a teenager is no easy feat with school, growing up and planning for the future to do. But here are the ten reasons why being a teenager is truly the worst.

#1. Body image & self-esteem problems

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (5)

You’ve spent very few years in your body, and it’s going through so many changes, and the media makes you believe that you look way worse than acceptable and overall it’s just a struggle trying to find that your body is truly beautiful.

#2. Importance of grades

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (8)

You have countless people telling you numerous things about how important your grades are and how they expect a lot of you. It’s also stressful to keep your grades up if you’re not interested in your subjects and have chosen them as per your parents’ decision. You’ll meet people who don’t believe in you, and you’ll have to deal with it gracefully.

#3. Having to make decisions that can potentially affect you front the rest of your life.

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (4)

Choosing your subjects, writing national exams which choose your university and selecting your college major is tough. They’re decisions, as many people would have already lectured you, that will affect you for the rest of your life, and they will expect you to make the right decision although they believe that you cannot even be trusted to return home a little later than 9 pm.

#4. Hormones

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (1)

Hormones that make zits pop on your face, hormones that make you grow hair in weird places and hormones that make your think about the opposite sex. They’re stressful, they’re weird, and they’re not going anywhere so you’ll have to learn to control them and keep your head up as they change.

#5. Dealing with parents

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (6)

Regardless of whether you have overbearing strict parents or chill parents, you’ll still have moments when you feel like they don’t understand half the things you’re going through. Regardless, remember that they love you and try your best to get along.

#6. Prioritizing

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (9)

At 17, it’s difficult to prioritise between your favourite school sport, managing your grades, social life, sleep and that guy or girl you like. But you’ll be expected to juggle everything like a pro until one day, you really do.

#7. Constant lack of sleep & lethargy

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (3)

It’s been proven that teenagers do indeed feel more sleepy and lethargic because of the bodily changes the undergo and unfortunately, this time, will coincide with the time that you’re supposed to be making the most of your life and building the foundation to your adulthood.

#8. Young love

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (2)

Puppy love and young relationships can be tough as both partners are undergoing a myriad of changes. It’s also difficult when you may have to move away for college etc. and end things. Recovering from your first heartbreak will be tough but necessary.

#9. Not being taken seriously

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (7)

Because teenagers are known to be temperamental and moody, they often not taken seriously. You’re believed to be an impulsive and immature person and often, people won’t take you seriously no matter how good your insight purely because of your age. And this will be frustrating, but you will have to take it in your stride.

#10. An adult but not so

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (10)

Often, you’ll hear adults telling you how you’re old enough so you should be able to this and that yourself but then you’ll hear them saying that you can’t attend that party, you’ve been dying to visit because you’re too young. It will be hypocritical and ironic, but it is what it is.

So if you’re a teen, realise that this too shall pass, and you’ll turn into a beautiful adult and feel better soon.