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These Little-Known Airlines Rules That Could Make Your Journey Safe And Enjoyable

Uhhh…let me figure it out, that what is essential for the people how take an airplane to travel from one distance to another is quite evident by following:

  • Safety
  • Service

Whatever be the former one is the most crucial one, which in turn leads to making any scope for the second one to get accommodated. In the recent past, we have quite frequently been loaded up with unforeseen events. Well, to my intelligence I am sure about that the mushrooming of new airlines firms, which got inducted in the across geography of India shall certainly keep a strong check and compliance on the day by day functioning of flights along with their human and material sources too.

Now, since you have limited resources available to get in every detail of the airlines operated. We got to relay on the people and the mechanism of the land.

Check out these important airlines rules bellow:

Airlines Rule #1.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (1)

While boarding the flight we need to ensure that we must read the instruction given to us well and adhere to it.

Airlines Rule #2.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (3)

Air hostess is the God in the midst of an emergency, which could be medical or accidental. Passengers must listen to her very meticulously and religiously without fail. For an instance in the very recent one in Dubai airport emirates crash was the fatal one. It was the commendable efforts of these cute young girls who put in their earnest endeavor and timely evacuated the big jumbo machine.

What an imaging demonstration of the skills at the real time scenario. Bravo ..Bravo..Bravo

Airlines Rule #3.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (4)

Ignore above rules.

Would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the onboard crew members and the group support teams including the ATC team for giving calm and compose instructions while the aircraft being on the stage of an emergency for being the victor.

Cloud 9 Stories – Funny & Weird Tale About A Wretch Passenger

Cloud-9-Stories-Funny Weird-Tale-About-A-Wretch-Passenger (1)

It was a long haul flight, and we were over the Pacific Ocean. As per the usual schedule after the meal service we commenced with HOT tea and coffee. A young male passenger sitting on the Aisle seat was on and off looking at me.
Though his stare was not awkward and every time I was approaching him for his choice of meal, he was quite generous to respond with a warm smile.

Generally, it happens to the passenger who is not a frequent flyer, and they do get eluded by the beauty of Air hostess.

Therefore, we consider it entirely reasonable, and I was without any prejudice, performing my services. As a part of the service, I asked him “would you care TEA or COFFEE SIR?” He was looking at me like a lost guy, after my repeat question he abruptly replied “Coffee, Please” and lifted his cup up.

Cloud-9-Stories-Funny Weird-Tale-About-A-Wretch-Passenger (3)

He was still staring at me as I started pouring the coffee into his cup and smiled at him.

God know, what happen to his guy and with a smile, he unknowingly removed his cup.

Ohh my Goodness, I could see that the hot, wiping hot coffee is about to fall on his P Parts.

And the moment coffee landed, there was a big scream came out from his mouth, and I too couldn’t do much to it as he was shaking from head to toe in pain and was unable to open the seat belt.

I promptly kept back both the serving ports on the aisle and opened his seat belt. He immediately rushed to the lavatory.

This, in turn, created a big scene in the cabin and passengers sitting next to him were uncomfortable.

I told them, no worries this shall be all right, please be relax.

I went back to the galley, and the galley-in-charge asked me what happened why that man screamed so loud.

I unfolded the story to her; she compassionately told me to knock on the lav doors and asked him if he needs some cold towel.

Which eventually I offered him,  he came out in a couple of minutes and then said with long breath lady. It’s been a year and 45 days that I was out of my home and was working in States and on the day 1 of my marriage because of individual popping out circumstances I had to leave on the wedding night.

Today, I am meeting with my wife for 02 days and my p parts are badly injured. Stating that this time too, my marriage would not be able to consummate.
I have learned a lesson today, however in a hard way.

Ever Noticed Why Plane Windows Are Always Elliptical???

Flying on a plane is always comfortable as well as opulent. Massive distances can be covered up very easily. You have travelled many times in flight but have you ever thought of why the window of a plane is always round or oval in shape????

Ever-Noticed-Why-Plane-Windows-Are-Always-Elliptical (2)

In 1950, when people started travelling through plane then the windows of planes were square in shape. In 1953, 2 Planes were crashed in which 56 died. The reports claimed that the reason for the accident was the square shape of windows because four edges of it made the windows weaker. In this sort of windows, there are four weak spots which can be cracked in the air because of air pressure.

Ever-Noticed-Why-Plane-Windows-Are-Always-Elliptical (1)

The new model proposed to make the windows round or circuitous so that the pressure gets distributed which reduces the risk of getting windows damage.

Ever-Noticed-Why-Plane-Windows-Are-Always-Elliptical (4)

The Quest Of The Missing Aircraft: AN 32

Antonov An-32 a twin-engines turboprop Indian Airforce transport aircraft went missing on Friday (July 22) with 29 people on board. The flight took off from Tambaram, near Chennai to Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (3)

It has been five days until today (July 26) there is no report of the aircraft. The Aircraft named “AN-32” that disappeared on Friday continues to be the object of a coordinated search and rescue operation launched by the Air Force, the Navy, and the Coast Guard.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (1)

Regardless of the intense search operation, no debris or survivors have been found…..13 Naval vessels, 2 Coast Guard ships and assets from Andaman and Nicobar Islands are engaged in the operation, but there is no good news.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (6)

Several agencies, including National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and Indian National Centre for Ocean Information services (NCOIS), were coordinating the search operation. The search is done on the surface level. The ice- class research vessel “Sagar Nidhi” has been called from Mauritius for the search operation.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (5)

Referring to the absence of signals from the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ETL) of the aircraft has made the rescue task more difficult. The Indian Air Force and other agencies are putting enough resources into the search operation, and the search area had been increased from the initial 14,400 square nautical miles.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (4)

Meanwhile, sources in the Air Force said the reason of the incident is too early to be discovered but indicated that weather could have played a role.

Requirements For Being An Aspiring Air Hostess.

Air hostess is one of the most highly placed professions in our country. Young boys and girls who get this role get a good pay cheque at the before the end of every month along with lucrative perks which they enjoy the most. Along with that, they also further get to travel to their dream destinations and got to stay in the best of the hotels.

Cabin Crew gets very close their coworkers and every with high profiles passengers and forms a high level of comradeship.  Further, at times close friendship turns up into a relationship too.

Since they are the right ppl, so they cautiously take care of their body and health. They do a good amount of study for lifestyle and healthy living too.

Requirements-For-Being-An-Aspiring-Air-Hostess (1)

So what is required to live up this shot of life:

  • Intermediate education
  • Height with proportionate weight
  • Pleasing personality/healthy body
  • No scars on face, arms and legs
  • Appropriate vision
  • Healthy Hair
  • Good language

Well, if you fulfill the criteria as mentioned above then you could be the host to welcome the passengers on the Sky Plane.

Wait a minute above and all is the aptitude, logical and reasoning are the fundamental prerequisite for this profile too. Which a person can develop, through various means of internet and through watching videos or even the movies based on the aviation?

Once they are aspiring person goes through the preliminary training either, though himself or through an aviation training institutes, then he or she shall make certainly encoder that a part of above hard and soft skill “attitude” plays an essential role to get the person enroll.

Reference – Flying Colors

The most Shocking Confession Of An Air Hostess

I remember the bittering cold weather of Moscow and it’s been around midnight that we were scheduled to operate the flight to Hongkong. As usual, the flight was full, and we were all set. Somehow my body didn’t feel comfortable in the severe cold weather, which eventually led me to get irritated throughout the layover. Though I was bit relaxed that I shall soon be in a very comfortable environment of an Asian Pacific Reason.

After successful flight boarding, we closed the door for engine startup. Soon the captain through the PA conveyed that due to the heavy snowfall we are being delayed for some time and shortly after clearance from the ATC, he shall be requested to push back. Eventually, which happened with no further delay.

In a few minutes, the big bird started kissing the white sky, and we were busy with our services and duties. A Chinese passenger who was sitting in the aisle seat had requested for a black aerated drink (Coke) after the service of soft drinks.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (5)

I told him to serve within minutes, as I was out of coke. I went to the galley and asked the galley-in-charge to get me a coke; she checked the soft drink cabinet, and we realized that we are running out of its stock.

I took other soft drinks and offered him politely, while informing that we have got over with the coke. While peeping in his eyes, I realized that he is quite uneasy and through his gesture, he directed me to leave immediately in a very disrespecting manner. However, I requested him kindly to accept any of the flavor and apologised for not being able to serve him with his choice.

He abruptly refused and told me to get lost.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (4)

I felt bad and went straight to the galley; my colleague could notice all this and accompanied me till galley. She kept her hand on my hand for conciliation.

After some time we rolled out the cart and begun with Meal service, my colleague asked that Chinese Gentleman about his choice of meal. He told her that he never takes his meal without a coke, therefore, not to ask him about the meal.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (6)

Listening to him, they both moved back and realized that being a long haul flight he must be fed.
While placing the meal cart back in the Galley, she noticed the leftover coke in few used glasses which got collected back from passengers.
She collected that in one glass and went to that passenger and told him that she could manage to offer one glass of coke.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (1)

The Passenger got happy and asked her if he could get a meal too.

Air Hostess Fall In The Billionaire Club

She was told on the flight that “you don’t know me, I am Mr X and, I know your Owner Mr Y quite well, therefore, you better listen to my request and let me get upgraded to Business class”(The passenger was too stiff with his nose). While she heard him calmly and politely responded: “ Well, once it’s 37, 000 feet up in the air and while in consideration of the safety and security of my passengers, I have not left with any kind of scope to entertain your peculiar request”.

Absolutely yes, that is one hundred percent correct, she literally owns the Big Jambo Jet, once it partway the clouds to fly high!!

This is not surprising to anyone that once Aircraft is 10 to 11 Kilometer up above the ground, were the owners of the airlines can’t get access to take a vital decision, then who is gonna steal the show when the need arises.


 Her billion dollar confidence too plays a leading role to ensure the proper decorum inside the aircraft is maintained, through out the flight, irrespective of the distance or altitude. No wonder, the moment the first time traveler comes in her contact,he/she never leaves any opportunity to talk to or to get served by these flying models without any miss.

This indicates that an air hostess is the one who justifies her 10 years of salary with the first ever flight as an attendant. Indeed, she acts as a magnet to many  people across demographic and geographical locations.

Everyone tries to locate their own loved one in her; a little angel girl finds her mother in her; a young adult boy foresees a future life partner in her. However, older people look for a match for their high profile Son,considering him as most eligible bachelor on earth, who is only who deserves such picture prefect beauties .
A little tilted hat on her head might be on, which undoubtedly is a sign of Air Hostess, on the contrary, she dons many of her duties.


3 Common Things Which You Can Notice In Most Air Hostesses Universally

Education vs. literacy

3-Amazing-Things-Which-You-Can-Notice-In-All-Air-Hostess (2)

She may not be highly qualified academically, yet she is educated about various facts and figures. She may not have studied Social Science, yet her, ownership, towards the social causes are immense. She may be staying away from her loved ones, family members because of the demand of her job. Although, she always carries them along with her in her soul.
Generally, most of the Air hostess pick up this work, post school. Therefore, they don’t go to college. However, their real education began when the land up in the world class state of the art training academy of Airlines. Further, after graduating from the academy, they learn the real-life lesson while visiting places and interacting with people.
Therefore,  never challenge her and don’t ask her academic background rather acknowledge the fact that how aware she is about her surroundings and express your gratitude towards her selfless soul.

She is Invictus

3-Amazing-Things-Which-You-Can-Notice-In-All-Air-Hostess (4)

She doesn’t participate or get indulged in anything and everything, until she doesn’t call her heart to take the initiative on that subject matter. She is far above then the emotions and reactions. She leads a very balanced attitude life, like a free flowing mammoth gangs in a pace and in a style.
She is not defeated; she is the non-conquerable soul.

Her glitters Eye

3-Amazing-Things-Which-You-Can-Notice-In-All-Air-Hostess (3)

Well, if you want to appreciate the beauty of any women then look straight into her eyes. Some worldly scholar has said the way to heart goes from the eye; it’s just one need to form a connection to it.

She leads her life with hope!

A hope which keeps her get moving and having fun around.

A hope of  life with new thought and fresh energy!

Reference- Flying Colors

Surprising Facts About Air Hostess That You Never Heard Before!

First night at the layover

Surprising-Secrets-About-Air-Hostess (4)

Well, this was in late 90ies when I had an opportunity for the first time to travel to 2000 miles far from my mother, that too with the dashing young boys and to stay in the Luxurious 5 star hotel. Indeed, my excitement level was overflowing and had been finding it tough to fathom it. Since morning was indulged in the jolly mode and was jumping all over the day with the curiosity to see my official cab to came and picked me up. I was loud at the airport and gave a warm hug to all my colleagues whom I met at the airport. I was asked how I feel to be their today; I just replied “wonderful”.

Night Club

Surprising-Secrets-About-Air-Hostess (2)

Caption announced “ladies and gentlemen, shortly shall be landing at the city of dreams”, these are the words which yet resonates in my ears. Wow, I was blushing, and anybody could make that out. We boarded the crew coach from the airport, and their flight manager decided to plan for hitting the night club. Ohhh…club…my goodness, I could not think of I being partying in the club. Around midnight we reached the club, I was told that it’s the most happening club, and many celebrities can be spotted while chilling around here. My fellow male colleague got few glasses, and everybody was offered, I too was among them and as took my first ever drink a shot, while imitating my seniors.

Date on layover

Surprising-Secrets-About-Air-Hostess (1)

My first ever date was with the colleague only. He casually asked me that have I ever visited this city before, and I honestly told him never and he offered to accompany him for city sight seen. It’s was all fun, the weather was comfortable for roaming around at the beach. We had an excellent local cuisine enhancing the palate with local wine.

Finally, we ended the day and got back to the hotel. While swinging his bottle of wine high in air, he said let’s finish this off too, and I went along with him to his room

Reference- Flying Colors

An Untold Story Of Air Hostess-“Her Heart Is The Utmost Essential Factor”

They say, don’t ask a woman, how old is she? The reason I could figure it out in a book “Flying Colors” that she doesn’t live for self. After reading the book, I am totally surprised by their living style. Actually, they live for all and love to all.

Reference- Flying Colors

Her heart is the utmost essential factor

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor (1)

The most essential ingredient that made her such a person of selfless and compassionate nature is her heart. First and foremost, initially she has to go through a rigorous interview process before donning this stylo uniform of an air hostess, after that comes the day and night training and blood sucking safety drills.

During training loads of focus is on developing the capability in the Air hostess. Which is the key distinguishing feature?

She is a born leader

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor (3)

Well, 37 thousand feet up, passengers walked up and said, I know the lead management of your Airlines, how dare you can’t serve me my choice of meal.
Air hostess very compassionately extends her apology and offered him the another meal. Which he refuses and makes a hue and cry.

Keep the gravity of the situation she tells him in oil firm words that “ right now I am the owner of the Aircraft” and commands the person to remain in his shoes

She is a self-motivator

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor (2)

She doesn’t need reasons to smile or shed a giggle. Even small little activities which go unnoticed makes her get going and gives her the reason to smile and be happy.

She loves all!

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor

She loves kids and the senior citizens and prefers to talk to them and relish their company. That’s why they say, either call Air hostess or an Angel. They both are same.