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Find The WhatsApp Status That Suits You Best

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7 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies In India

“Who says Indians like only the “Desi Masala”??” then you should take a look at the top grossed Hollywood movies that were released in India. It was the thought that Indians only like the typical Desi drama—a happy ending love story where there is a boy from a lower background falls for a wealthy girl, and they fought for their love and at end they can cross all the hurdles and lives happily ever after with 2-3 romantic choreographed songs in between…!!

But…wait it’s not anymore, people are showing interest in actions, sci-fi, true stories and much more.

Here is the list of 10 most grossed Hollywood movies in India. Continue scrolling to check out…

#1. The Jungle book (2016)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (7)

This is on the top. You must be thinking this movie is for children but wait you must remember that cartoon which we used to watch in our childhood “Mowgli” this film is the modern version of that classic story with superb computer graphics, new dialogues and catchy songs, and it earned “250 crores” …big number!!

#2. Fast and Furious 7 (2015)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (3)

165 crores it is!!!. This is the most loved series of all the time for those who loves car and racing then this is it …this is for you. Paul Walker, who died in the between during the making of the movie in a car accident, was a shock, but you can see the bond between two friends which is shown in the movie.

#3. AVATAR (2009)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (2)

An entirely new concept. This movie has taken the sci-fi movies to a next level.

“Big blue humanoids” what a thought?? I don’t think as if I need to proceed with the plot description, but there are scenes and unique shots that pop with ethereal beauty. It earned 162 crores in India.

#4. Jurassic World (2015)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (4)

Ahh.. who don’t like the Jurassic movies??. It’s one of the favorite movies of everyone. It’s a fantastic movie, and it holds itself a thrilling experience for everyone. The gross collection was 150 crores.

#5. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (5)

It is one of the biggest action films that has been released in the last five years and one of the greatest comedies in the previous three years, and you can watch all your favourite superheroes in one movie. It’s All in One movie. With a collection of 112 crores.

#6. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (6)

And here comes the spider man, with 110 crores total gross collection in India. One of the most amazing superheroes of all time.

#7. 2012 (2009)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (1)

This movie will make you experience the real power of ‘mother nature’. Falling structures, jumping burning cars, planes falling and run to pull up a second before disaster approach, it was a real trip and a feast for the eyes and ears, and it’s also in the 100 crores club with a gross collection of 105 crores.

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Super Star Rajinikanth’s Kabali Full Movie Review & Business Report

Superstar is back as ‘Kabali’, a film directed by Pa. Ranjith is framed as a gangster revenge drama including other stars Radhika Apte, Dhanshika and Kalaiarasan.

# Kabali Box Office Collection Of Friday/Saturday – Worldwide.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (7)

Rajini’s Kabali beats The Prabhas’s Movie ‘Baahubali’ to become the all-time biggest Indian opener.

It has been the most anticipated film throughout the country and with its release on 22nd July 2016 it collected remarkable digits  i.e. 70 crores on its first day worldwide with breaking all box office records was really incredible.

On Saturday (Second Day) Kabali entered in the 100 cr. club very easily, by crossed the figure of Rs. 132* crors Worldwide earnings.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (5)
Affectionately known as Thalaivar (The boss), has gigantic fan base across the country as well as in the international market because of his electrifying performances. Therefore now the fans have Kabali mania which was apparent on the first day of release in 12000 screens including both India and overseas.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (4)
In South India, it was declared holiday by some of the companies and even gave their employee tickets to watch the film only to avoid a bundle of leave applications for that day to the HR department.

In the US it was the magnificent start as in just two hours advance booking for the tickets were full and love for the superstar Rajinikanth was captivating.

Airline Air Asia had a special flight from Bangalore to Chennai for 180 passengers serving Rajinikanth’s favorite food and fan’s Kabali fever made them to pay 7,860 rupees for the first day first show in Chennai.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (1)
According to the producer ‘Kalaipuli’ S Thanu, superstar Rajinikanth has become the impregnable Indian actor of all the time.

7 Things You’ll Face When You’re The Only Vegetarian In Your Gang

Being a vegetarian is good and healthy. It’s better to be safe and healthy. Isn’t that true? Yes, it is. Being vegetarian is always good.  But nowadays, vegetarians are barely found or we can say being a vegans is really too hard. And not just that but they suffers a lot too. Wanna know what are they? Come, let’s see.

#1. You can’t be a part of your group dinner

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (1)

Yes. Since everyone else eats non-veg and you are the only person who eats vegetarian food, you will be the odd one out and hence can’t be the part of the group lunch or dinner.

#2. And if in case you joined, all you feel like is Vomit! Vomit! and Vomit!

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (1)

For vegetarians, it’s just not their cup of tea.

#3. When everyone is talking about non-veg food, you prefer to stay out of it.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (7)

Yes. When everyone is doing chit chat about their favorite non-veg cuisine, all you can do is to stay quiet.

#4. According to society, you lack behind.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (4)

According to society, you lack behind from the generation because you are vegetarian.

#5. You generally skip eating pastries and cakes because it contains egg.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (2)

If you are just pure vegetarian types, you won’t eat egg too and hence can’t eat tasty pastries.

#6. Whenever you go for lunch, you don’t have many choices of food as compared to non-vegetarians.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (5)

Yes. You can’t eat seafood, and many other cuisines contain non-veg. Your choices of food are so very limited.

#7. Last but not the least, you are weaker than them.

7-Things-You-Face-When-You-Are-The-Only-Vegetarian-In-Your-Gang (3)

Of course, it’s true. Non-vegetarians eat many things, and they are full of nutritious as compared to you.

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7 Weird But Common Things You Can Do When You Are Home Alone!

Generally, our lives are so busy that we don’t have some time for ourselves too. Tight schedule, hectic day and so much tiredness. Even Sundays are also busy. But for a change, when you get some free day or free time or is home alone, then what do you do?

Lets check out these fun things which you can do when you are home alone:

#1. Sleep! Sleep! And sleep!

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (1)

The best way to utilize your time in some good cause is to sleep. Isn’t that true? Especially when you are home alone and being killed by boredom.

#2. Make a debut in kitchen

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (8)

Yes. If you haven’t been to your kitchen for so long, then it’s a high time to visit it. Take a glimpse of it.

#3. Watch movies like sex and the city

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (2)

Lol. Yes. The best perk of being home alone is that you can watch anything which you can’t see at least with your parents.

4. Clean your room

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (5)

Yeah. Clean your room and keep everything in organized way.

5. Inviting some close friend to home

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (7)

Friends+ you- parents= unlimited fun

6. Spending Me time

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (6)

The most important thing to do is to spend some alone time. Relax! Breathe! Dance! Shout aloud! Do whatever you feel. You will feel good.

7. Study

7-Weird-But-Common-Things-You-Can-Do-When-You-Are-Home-Alone (4)

Last but not the least! Alas. Read some novels, newspapers, blogs or your course books.

Have more home alone ideas? Do share.

Meet This Gloriously-Angry Iranian Hulk; You Won’t Believe, But Actually Exits In Real-Life

Keep calm and don’t make him angry!!! You won’t like him when he is angry.

That is the time to forget about your strongest of all time Avenger-Hulk because the real life Hulk actually exists. And he remains angry most of the time and his gloriously angry photos come out with the similar to your favorite comic character (Hulk). He is an Iranian bodybuilder and now become famous over the internet as Iranian Hulk. There’s no accurate answer how much time he has been spending at the gym to get a Hulk-like body, but admittedly too long at workout game. According to those who know him, He is as sweet as can be and don’t smash like Green Hulk.

# Sajid Gharibi “The Real Hulk”

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (7)

This Iranian Hulk is just 24-year-old and weighs over 385 pounds. He is very popular on social media channels, and inspiring others bodybuilder around the world by sharing his hulk-like photos.

# Persian Hercules

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (6)

This real-life Hulk doesn’t work for you, so people also gives a name “Persian Hercules.”

# So Muscular And Strong

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (5)

He can lift huge weights with comfort, and his Hulk-like muscles are force to be reckoned with. But there’s one disadvantage to having so muscular body which you can see in this man that he has no neck.

# Don,t Make Me Angry

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (1)

He has carved his body to an extreme level that anyone can dream it. So Gharibi is the only man who achieved this, and we also can say he is an anomaly in bodybuilding game.

# Popular Over Internet

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (2)

At this time, he becomes famous over the Internet and inspiring the bodybuilders across the world. He has more 59,000 followers on Instagram.

# No Body Part Without Muscle!

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (4)

Just look at this Iranian Hulk, he has no body part without muscle, even his hand and legs look like little balls of fat protein.

# Not Angry All Time

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (3)

According to his family and friends that you shouldn’t be scared by his Hulk-Like body. He is so sweet as can be and loves to all.

8 Female Celebrities With Not So Perfect Smile But They Are Still Rocking The World

The Popularity of smile improving treatments may be on the trend, but not everyone is seeking a perfect set of white pearls. Some famous celebrities have crooked teeth but still looking beautiful.

Here is the list of 8 Hollywood celebrities( female ) who have crooked teeth but they are a superstar and have a huge fan following all around the world.

Take a look of these famous celebrities with crooked teeth but still looking beautiful.

# Kirsten Dunst

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (3)
Image Via- Kirsten Dunst With Crooked Teeth

# Lindsay Lohan

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (4)
Image Via- Lindsay Lohan With Crooked Teeth

# Hilary Duff

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (1)
Image Via- Hilary Duff With Crooked teeth

# Keira Knightley

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (2)
Image Via- Keira Knightley With Crooked Teeth

# Madonna

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (5)
Image Via- Madonna With Gapped Teeth

# Miley Cyrus

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (6)
Image Via- Miley Cyrus

# Olly Murs

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (7)
Image Via- Olly Murs With Bad Teeth

# Vanessa Paradis

8-Female-Celebrities-With-Not-So-Perfect-Smile (8)
Image Via- Vanessa Paradis With Bad Smile

9 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Mind While Having $ex

Going to be in someone’s arm but scared? There are some certain things which you should take care while sharing your “we moments” with your beloved ones. Excited to know what are they? Then keep on scrolling.

#1. Never stay quite

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (6)

Don’t keep quite always. Say something in lower sound. It won’t let you look awkward or weird.

#2. Don’t treat the $ex like porn

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (3)

Don’t deal with it like porn. It’s a way more different what you see in it.

#3. Don’t pressurize him/her for anything

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (7)

Pressurizing your partner for being intimate won’t help you at all. Do what you both want.

#4. Always listen to your partner


Listening will help you a lot as this is the only way of knowing what your partner actually wants and if he/she is enjoying it or not.

#5. Just don’t attack but feel it

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (5)

If you will just attack your partner then maybe you can win his/her body but not the person. Doing anything with feeling is actually an amazing feeling one can go through.

#6. Be gentle

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (8)

Don’t put your all weight on your partner as maybe he/she isn’t capable of bearing it. Always be gentle and calm. It will attract your beloved ones a lot.

#7. Never let your love become your lust

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (4)

Always keep the difference between your love and lust. Never let your partner feels like that it’s your lust for them.

#8. Let the flow go on

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (1)

Go with the flow. Don’t stop in between and live the moment.

#9. Make yourself stress-free

9-Things-You-Should-Always-Keep-In-Your-Mind-While-Having-$ex (2)

The most important perk of having intercourse with your partner is it makes you stress-free. So always keep all the other thoughts of your mind aside and make it your best day so far.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Not Change Your Surname After Marriage

After the marriage, a lady leaves her house, adapt all new changes such as calling her in-law’s mom dad, devotes her entire life to her spouse and his family and leaves her every old thing like clothing style, behavior, the way of living and even her surname.  But why surname? Does she really need to do so? A big NO! Here are some reasons which will tell you why you shouldn’t change your surname after marriage.

#1. It’s your identity

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (5)

Your name is not just a name but your identity, and you don’t need to change it at any cost.

#2. You don’t like his surname

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (6)

It may happen that you don’t like his surname and hence don’t want to change it.

#3. You love your maiden name

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (1)

You love your maiden name and don’t want to replace it as you’re in love with your name.

#4. Too much paperwork

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (1)

The paperwork is too much and hectic to handle, and you are pretty much good with your real name so what’s the deal?

#5. It’s a stereotype thinking

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (4)

It is actually a stereotype thinking that a girl needs to change her name after marriage, and you completely agree to it.

#6. You are self-obsessed

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (2)

Me! Me! Me! I even don’t like to change the curtains against my will so how can I change my surname? If you can relate it to yourself 😉

#7. You will go through Identity Crisis

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (3)

You will have to change it from social media and other places which may lead to an identity crisis.

#8. You don’t need a reason for it

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (2)

Last but not the least; you really don’t need any reason for not changing your surname after marriage as it’s actually irritating to leave your name with which you lived your 26-28 years, and you are really not prepared for it.

These were some reasons which say that you don’t need to change your surname after marriage. Please share your views on it. We will highly appreciate your valuable feedback.

Top 10 Hottest Plus Sized Actresses Of All Time “Bigger Is Better”

Top 10 actresses with the increasing importance being given to better body image and improving impossible beauty standards nowadays, many plus sized actresses have risen to the top. Although they still face some stigma, these plus sized women are a fresh reminder of reality and real beauty even though much more glamorous.

#1. Mindy Kaling

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (12)
Via- Mindy Kaling Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Mindy is the undisputed queen of style, rocking bold looks and trends both on and off the screen with ease. Her very successful show, The Mindy Project has been approved for another season, breathtaking views to only see more of Mindy and her sassy demeanour.

#2. Rebel Wilson

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (7)
Via- Rebel Wilson Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

With films like Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect 2 under her belt, Rebel proves to be rebellious enough to be chill about her weight and dew attention only to her talent as a comedienne.

#3. Jennifer Hudson

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (5)
Via- Jennifer Hudson Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Besides her powerful voice and platinum albums, Jennifer has also proven to be a fabulous actress. Without paying much consideration to Hollywood’s stringent beauty standards, she skyrocketed to fame as plus sized women and has slimmed down since only proving that her fame and nothing whatsoever to do with her size.

#4. Melissa McCarthy

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (3)
Via- Melissa MaCarthy Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Melissa has Oscar and Emmy nominations to her name to prove that her size is in no way stopped her from creating hilarious movies and shows like Bridesmaids and Mike And Molly. The comedienne has many more films ahead of her.

#5. Lena Dunham

Via- Lena Dunham Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Lena’s hit show Girls is not only a huge success but has also highlighted her as a fantastic source of comic relief and sass. She is also a fit beauty proving that fat is not always unhealthy.

#6. Adele

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (2)
Via- Adele Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Adele has been criticised for her size very often, and her response has remained unchanged throughout the years. She has always emphasised that her music is meant to be heard with the ears, and her talent is not to be judged with the eyes. She has countless Billboard hits to her name so her criticism of her size fails to faze her.

#7. Sonakshi Sinha

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (8)
Via- Sonakshi Sinha Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Sonakshi has been making bangs in Bollywood ever since her debut with Dabanng. The plus size beauty hardly has anything to worry about with all the hits she has been delivering recently.

#8. Vidya Balan

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (11)
Via- Vidya Balan Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Vidya is unapologetic about her curves, and it’s driving people crazy. The Dirty Picture and several hits later, Vidya is still making a splash in Bollywood with her plus size pride.

#9. Huma Qureshi

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (1)
Via- Huma Qureshi Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Huma’s acting in Gangs Of Wasseypur gained her a lot of critical acclaims and since then the plus sized lass is making waves in Bollywood.

#10. Parineeti Chopra

Top-10-Hottest-Plus-Sized-Actresses-Of-All-Time (6)
Via- Parneeti Chopra Plus Sized Actress Of All Time

Parineeti is a gust of fresh honesty that was much needed in Bollywood. Her candid nature and beautiful curves have made her stand out as an actress as well as a personality.

These women are the ultimate seduction and proof that size and do not encompass beauty is definitely not only skin deep.