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So Now You Can Eat Water Actually. Don’t be Shocked. Do Read

Did I just say that now you can eat water? Yes. I did. No am not drunk. This can actually happen now. Yes it is possible. Now you can eat water. But the question arises, How? I mean, it is in liquid form and hence we can drink it but not eat.

Well, we know that miracle happens. And everything is possible because of science. And once again they proved it.

Have you seen it before?


What is it ?

It’s an edible water bottle. Students of London invented it in 2014. Two years back. But am pretty sure that you haven’t seen it before.

They are made from a gelatinous membrane.

The name of this water is Ooho.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?


And the best part is, it can be made in your kitchen itself.

So I think it’s a high time to say goodbye to the plastic bottles and welcome this eco friendly bottle.

Regaining Weight Is Bad For Your Health, Here’s Why?

Regaining-Weight-Is-Bad-For-Your-Health,-Here's-Why (2)

Even after dieting and losing weight, the body tends to try its best to regain the lost fat stores this is shown in many types of research. Holiday time seems to be tough for those who are seeking to stay trim. Most people will regain weight after they lose it.Young people tend to regain weight in the proportion they lose it.

Today’s generation takes easy steps to lose their weight by taking supplements. But they don’t know it can affect the hormones of the body, in fact, they are good in fat losing results but as well as they are bad for health and after sometimes human body starts to regain weight because these products do not work for long, and they cause for bad health.

Regaining-Weight-Is-Bad-For-Your-Health,-Here's-Why (1)

In many studies it is shown that regaining weight is a major problem for women as compared to men because of their schedule women give less focus on their body if once they lose weight, they become less caring about their body which tends to regain weight

For avoiding regaining of weight, every human should follow a healthy diet and give at least one hour to exercise and running do natural workout and avoid artificial things of losing weight 30 mins of walk every day can make you fit forever.


How Does Exercise Helps In Burning Calories Or Body Fat? See Here…

The human body is a gift. This beautiful gift needs to be nurtured and it’s our responsibility to take care of it, but in this fast working life, people forget to take care of it. We don’t have time to exercise, and we live on junks because they are readily available and luring to the taste buds. These habits have led to increasing in obesity in people and also an increase in disease among the young generation.

Exercise is the most important part of our daily routine, and it’s essential for keeping our mind and body active and sound. It’s an absolute requirement for sustaining a healthy life.

If you want to live a healthy life free of diseases or just don’t want any complications in the daily working, then exercise should be a part of your daily routine.

#1. Helps in control weight

How-Does-Exercise-Helps-In-Burning-Calories-Or-Body-Fat (5)

Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain and also helps in maintaining weight loss. If you are unable to do an actual workout, then you should try some conventional ways to get more active throughout the day in simple ways like by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

#2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

How-Does-Exercise-Helps-In-Burning-Calories-Or-Body-Fat (4)

Exercise helps you in lowers the risks of heart disease and prevents high blood pressure. Regular morning walk helps in managing a broad range of health problems which includes diabetes, arthritis, etc.

#3. Exercise improves mood

How-Does-Exercise-Helps-In-Burning-Calories-Or-Body-Fat (1)

Need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? An exercise at the gym or a brisk 30-minutes walk can help. Physical Exercise stimulates many brain chemicals that help you feel happier and more relaxed.

#4. Exercise boosts energy

How-Does-Exercise-Helps-In-Burning-Calories-Or-Body-Fat (2)

Regular physical activity helps in improving the muscle strength and increase our endurance. The cardiovascular system works more efficiently, and we have more energy to go about our daily chores.

7 Super Foods That Every Women Should Eat At The Age Of 30

Women are special!  They are different than men, a woman’s nutritional needs are more accurate than a man’s. They have a unique nutritional requirement to keep them healthy, energized and focused, especially as the age of 30.

As you work like a superwoman and play a tough role in your life, so you should bite more. Here’s  a great list of super foods which help you to get everything that you need to fuel that beautiful, wonderful, womanly body, that every woman should include in her diet.

#1. Parmesan Cheese For Healthy Bones

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (3)

Osteoporosis commonly occurs after the age of 30, and calcium is the primary solution that fights against this disease and help to prevent it. Parmesan cheese is full of calcium and contains rich protein, vitamins, and lots of essential minerals. A single bite of it can give you 340 mg of calcium.

#2. Eat Apple Daily

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (4)

Red And Sweet Apples contains a compound called quercetin that works as a natural antioxidant. This compound has disease-fighting abilities and boosts your immune system as well. According to a recent study report, people who had enough quercetin in their diet they overcome the respiratory infection in just two weeks compared those who didn’t eat.

#3. Lentils Help In Restore Iron

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (5)

Lentils are highly rich in protein and an excellent source of iron. About 15 percent of young women suffer from low iron stores that cause of anemia. Several studies found that if women who have not sufficient amount of iron in their body had weaker in skill test in compared to those who have enough in iron stores.

#4. Broccoli Work As A Wrinkles Fighter.

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (6)

Broccoli is an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin c. As it contains vitamin c, it boosts your skin cells to produce enough collagen which enhances the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Broccoli also contains a compound named beta – carotene, after taken it into your body, your digestive enzyme transforms it into Vitamin A.

#5. Potatoes: A Full Pack Of Healthy Carbs

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (7)

Potatoes hold a fat burning compound named as resistant starch that fights with your excess weight efficiently. It contains enough amount of potassium than bananas, which help to lower the risk of heart diseases by lowering your blood pressure.

#6. Spinach Is Full of Nutrients

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (1)

This green leafy vegetable is a great source of vitamin K. It also contains calcium and magnesium, a perfect combo that helps to slow down the breakdown of bones. Two anti-cancer epoxy xanthophylls are found in a full amount into the spinach.

#7. Dark Chocolate Prevents Many Disease And Fight With Stress.

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (2)

A report issued by the European Researchers revealed that people who consumed an ounce and a half of dark chocolate for every day lowered the production of stress hormone and reported feeling less frazzled.

Surprising Facts: What Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Bath For A Weak?

No Water! No Soap! No Shampoo! What happen to your body?

You are probably going to a couple of days without showering or maybe a week. But, have you ever wondered about what happen if you don’t bath for an entire month or even the year?

So let’s talk about your skin. Your mind knows this, but even when it’s clean. Do you know? It’s crawling with little germy passengers and up to 1000 species of bacteria enjoying the life on your skin along with 80 types of fungus.

So here we are going to show you what happen if you don’t bath regularly. Continue scrolling to find out the facts…

#1. Bad Bacteria Enjoying Life On Your Skin

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (1)

Around 1000 species of bacteria enjoying their life on your milky skin. But not all bacteria is bad, most of them are good for us, they take up real estate on our skins and effectively remove off the bad bacteria from our skin and break down the skin flows to create natural moisturisers. Whenever you don’t bath for a couple of days, the bad bacteria becomes more powerful and get active to make you fall sick.

#2. Bacterial Skin Infections

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (6)

If you don’t bath regularly, it makes easier for germs and harmful bacteria that cause bacterial infections on your skin too.So preventing infection is one reason to having bath regularly.

#3. Dirt, Sweat And Oil

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (5)

If you skip your bath than dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and oil will start to humiliate us. If you have some kind of skin secretion like acne and folliculitis, then dirtiness on your skin make them worse.

#4. Dermatitis Neglecta

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (3)

If you skip bathing for long can formed scaly patches all over your body. Dermatologists call this  condition “Dermatitis Neglecta.”

#5. Body Odor

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (4)

Bad smell from your body, It’s caused when harmful bacteria break down the chemical compounds in sweated and produce nasty smell by chemical products. So escaping from the shower can cause bad odor also.

Watch here the full video:


Image Credit : The Huffington Post

Too Much Or Fast Brushing Can Be Harmful To Your Teeth, Here’s Why?

We all think that we know the proper way to brush our teeth. We occasionally use mouthwash and even floss to clean our mouth deep.  But are we really follow the right way to brush our teeth?

Do you know? Too much and very fast brushing can affect your teeth and even make them worse. The dentist experts recommend us to brush our teeth twice in a day so that we won’t harm our teeth. Now you think that how fast brushing can harm your teeth. So, let’s find out what will happen if you brush your teeth very quickly and inappropriate way.

# Brushing too hard is not as good as you think.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (2)

Brushing too hard can damage your teeth and take away the pretty enamel that guards them and makes them stay white.

# It can damage your gums

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (3)

Vigorous brushing can damage your gum tissue, and cause of developing the recession.

# An angled toothbrush

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (9)

Always prefer to use an angled toothbrush to reduced the pressure on your teeth if you are brushing your teeth really too hard.

# Don’t fight with them

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (4)

Brushing your teeth like you’re having a grave war with them.

# Tooth Abrasion

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (8)

Most people are suffering from this problem of brushing too hard and cause to grow up a serious issue described as tooth abrasion.

# Too much caring about teeth can damage your teeth.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (6)

Most people think that brushing each time after having their meal can keep their teeth clean and healthy. Unfortunately, they think wrong; Dentist recommends us brushing twice a day.

# If you brush your teeth very fast, then go for soft bristles.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (1)

# Don’t brush forcefully.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (5)

Watch the video below for more info:


6 Easy Yoga Poses For Reduce Anxiety And Depression

According to a report published by the Anxiety and Depression Association Of America, About 40 million adults in U.S. suffer from anxiety and depression. Yeah! You can say, it is the most common mental disorder in the country. If you are the one of those 40 million and finding some solution to relieve from it. Here is the answer, The only best solution is “YOGA.” Yes! It is the only great way to reduce your anxiety and depression level.

Here are 6 best easy-to-do yoga poses that will help you to fight with your stress and depression. Just follow the poses step by step and perform every day whenever possible.

You don’t need to attend any class, yoga pants, or any particular time to do these poses. No! not at all…nothing is required to perform these asanas. You can do these Yoga asanas at home, office, ground everywhere, whenever you feel anxious and depressed, even you can do these poses in your office lunch time.

#1. Cat-Cow ( Marjaiasana) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (2)

#2. Extended Puppy ( Uttana Shishosana) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (5)

#3. Forward Fold ( Uttanasana) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (6)

#4. Legs-Up-The-Wall ( Viparita Karani) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (3)

#5. Child’s Pose – Balasana

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (1)

#6. Pigeon – Kapotasana

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (4)


9 Things Only A Person Who Laughs A Lot Will Relate To – Laugh More! Live More!

Laugh More! Live More!

So, Laugh! Laugh! and Laugh! This is what am gonna do in life. Sounds good? Well, this is what every person who loves laughing will say.  Laughing is a good therapy and for a change, it is the best medicine in the world for any disease. It will always make you healthy. There are some things which only a laughing person can relate too. Let’s have a look

#1. Whenever you are bored, you laugh.


Laughing is good. And the best part of it is to laugh is it won’t let you feel bored at any cost. And whenever you are bored, you laugh.

#2. You often laugh so hard that your tears come out.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (2)

You laugh so much and ends only when your tears come out.

#3. Your laughter is always funnier than the joke.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (8)

Lol. Sometimes you laugh in such a hilarious way that people prefers to laugh at you in spite of the joke.

4. You can laugh at the same joke once, twice, and thrice and unanimous tines.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (5)

Normal people laughs at a joke once. But you can laugh limitless with the same level of excitement.

#5. When you start laughing, you can’t stop yourself at all.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (7)

Normal people – heard the joke, laugh and then stop!
You- heard the joke, laugh and then still laughing.

6. You are probably the jolliest person of your group.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (6)

Yes. Because of you, people get the time to laugh.

7. You still watch cartoons just because it has humor.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (1)

You still watch Tom and Jerry, Mr Bean and other cartoons just because it gives you a chance to laugh.

8. You sometimes laugh about serious things too.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (4)

Yes, it’s kinda awkward moment when everyone is expecting a silent and serious behavior, and you are still laughing like anything.

9. You are healthy and has many friends.

9-Things-Only-A-Person-Who-Laughs-A-Lot-Will-Relate-To  (3)

You are fit and healthy, and people likes your company.

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What Does Protein Do For Your Good Health?

Protein is most important Part of our body it is essential for building and repairing things. Our organs like muscles, skin, nails, hairs, bones and certain hormones are made up of some amount of protein. It’s an absolute requirement for sustaining our life.

If you want to lose fat, build muscle, or just be a healthy, well-functioning human being. The most important part of your diet chart is your daily protein intake. It plays a significant role in allowing all of that to happen properly.

#1. Help in losing fat.

What-Does-Protein-Do-For-Your-Good-Health (1)

If our goal is to lose fat and not lose any muscles, eating a sufficient amount of protein on a daily basis is preserve our muscle and burn fat rapidly.

#2. Keeping us full.

What-Does-Protein-Do-For-Your-Good-Health (2)

All types of macro nutrients that we consume our calories from (protein, fat, carbs), research shows that protein is the most filling of them all. It’s a huge key factor in controlling our hunger, curbing our appetite, and keeping us full and satisfied.

#3. Help in burning calories.

What-Does-Protein-Do-For-Your-Good-Health (6)

Protein is required for the most amount of calories to digest, which means consuming protein on a regular basis will truly lead to more calories naturally being burned by our body.

#4. Help in building muscle.

What-Does-Protein-Do-For-Your-Good-Health (4)

Protein is the “building block” of muscle. It’s also called body building food. Without enough of it, our body can’t  build muscle.

So, a sufficient amount of protein intake is to build any amount of muscle, increase strength or improve performance in virtually any capacity.

#5. Help in maintain our bones.

What-Does-Protein-Do-For-Your-Good-Health (5)

Protein is an essential part of our body. A protein rich diet can heal bones and prevent bone weakness. Studies show low protein intake in elderly people causes bone loss.

#6. Here is the list of food which are the easy, quick and an important source of protein.

  1.  Egg   [6 gm /one egg]
  2. Milk   [8 gm/one cup]
  3. Dried dal [13 gm/1/4 cup serving]
  4. Peanut butter [8 gm/2tbs]
  5. Mixed nuts [6 gm/2 serving]
  6. Tofu [soya paneer]  12 gm per 3 serving
  7. Green peas [7 gm /1 cup serving]

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Here Is The Reason Why You Need To Start Sleeping On Your Left Side! Must Read

Proper sleeping is much important to us, to our mental health and to refuel our body. However, how much sleeping is just as important as the sleeping position. Surprisingly, very few of you know this fact, but it actually affects your health.
Recently, A Doctor, Johan Douillard revealed that Sleeping on your left side can boost your life to live longer. Can you think, how a sleeping posture can save your life? But it’s truth! If you do not currently sleep on your left side of the body, then continue reading this to find out why you should need to sleep on your left side.

Keep Reading To Know Why Left-Side Sleeping Is Good For You.

Here-Is-The-Reason-Why-You-Need-To-Start-Sleeping-On-Your-Left-Side (3)

Resting on the left side of the body has amazing health benefits. But the sleeping on the right side is harmful to you, Let’s check out how!

Why Left-Side Sleeping Is Good For Your Health?

Here-Is-The-Reason-Why-You-Need-To-Start-Sleeping-On-Your-Left-Side (1)

Sleeping on your left side can surprisingly enhance your health and even save your life too. The reason is, The left side of your body is your dominant lymphatic side, So while you are sleeping in your left portion, it would allow plenty of time to clean out the toxins, lymph fluid and waste material through the thoracic duct and lymph nodes.

Disadvantages Of Right-Side Sleeping

Here-Is-The-Reason-Why-You-Need-To-Start-Sleeping-On-Your-Left-Side (5)

On the other hands, while you are sleeping on your right side, your lymphatic system work slowly and becomes incapable of purifying the toxins and waste material in your body, and this may increase the risk of severe disease or cause to death.

The Function Of Spleen.

Here-Is-The-Reason-Why-You-Need-To-Start-Sleeping-On-Your-Left-Side (2)

The spleen is one of the important organs in our Lymphatic system, And it works as a purifier of blood. It play a significant role in regarding immune system and red blood cells. The spleen also helps in improving your digestive system.

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