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The Top 10 World’s Richest Entrepreneurs By Forbes

Entrepreneur!! The Big word…. Why everybody wants to be an entrepreneur nowadays?? This is the question every emerging entrepreneur has to face today. So why??.

Here is the answer, the inspiration they get from these wealthy entrepreneurs who once has nothing but now they are listed in the top richest entrepreneurs of the world. Let’s have a look at the list of World’s Richest Entrepreneurs.

#1. Bill Gates -$75 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (7)

Bill Gates is on the top of the Forbes Rich list with a net worth of $75 billion.

Whoa ho!! He totally nailed it. This 60-year-old co-founder of Microsoft is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist. After retiring from the business he mainly works for the welfare of people, and he is still the world’s wealthiest person.

#2. Amancio Ortega – $67 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (1)

Amancio Ortega is the founder of ZARA clothing and accessories, which is now the part of Inditex fashion group of which he is the founding chairperson. He is listed as the second richest person in the world with a worth of about $67 billion.

#3. Warren Buffet – $60.8 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (2)

The buffet is in the 3rd position of the Forbes rich list. A philanthropist, business icon and a writer. The buffet is the chairperson, CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway. His famous writing is “The Essays of Warren Buffet”.

#4. Carlos Slim Helu – $50 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (10)

Carlos is the chairperson and chief executive of the telecommunication company Telmex. He started his career at a Brokerage Firm in Mexico. He made a large fortune by acquiring Telmex from the Mexican government. He is in 4th position on the Forbes Rich list with a fortune of $50 billion.

#5. Jeff Bezos – $45.2 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (5)

The founder of, a technology entrepreneur and investor. He had taken the e-commerce to a next level. He also founded the spaceflight start-up company in 2000. He is ranked 5th on the Forbes rich list with net worth of $45.2 billion.

#6. Mark Zuckerberg -$44.6 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (9)

The youngest of all, listed at number 6th in the Forbes rich list with a fortune of $44.6 billion. Facebook founder and CEO Mark, started his career from his dormitory room. An inspiration to the budding programmers and entrepreneurs.

#7. Larry Ellison -$43.6 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (3)

The co-founder of Oracle Corporation and currently serves as the executive chairperson of Oracle. His fortune, at $43.6 billion, makes Ellison the 7th wealthiest person on the Forbes rich list.

#8. Michael Bloomberg -$40 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (8)

Bloomberg is the founder, CEO  and owner of Bloomberg L.P. He began his career at the securities brokerage. He also served as the Mayor of New York City. He is ranked at number 8th with a net worth of $40 billion.

#9. Charles Koch -$39.6 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (4)

Koch is the co-owner, chairperson, and CEO of Koch Industries, which is the second-largest private company in the United States. Inspired by the Koch Industries he wrote his business philosophy in his book “The Science of Success”. He is ranked no. 9th in the rich list with a fortune of $39.6 billion.

#10. Liliane Bettencourt -$36.1 billion

The-Top-10-World's-Richest-Entrepreneurs-By-Forbes (6)

A Businesswoman, Socialite and heiress. She is the principal shareholders of L’oreal. She is ranked on the 10th position in the Forbes rich list with a net worth of $36.1 billion and is the wealthiest woman in the world.

The Quest Of The Missing Aircraft: AN 32

Antonov An-32 a twin-engines turboprop Indian Airforce transport aircraft went missing on Friday (July 22) with 29 people on board. The flight took off from Tambaram, near Chennai to Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (3)

It has been five days until today (July 26) there is no report of the aircraft. The Aircraft named “AN-32” that disappeared on Friday continues to be the object of a coordinated search and rescue operation launched by the Air Force, the Navy, and the Coast Guard.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (1)

Regardless of the intense search operation, no debris or survivors have been found…..13 Naval vessels, 2 Coast Guard ships and assets from Andaman and Nicobar Islands are engaged in the operation, but there is no good news.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (6)

Several agencies, including National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and Indian National Centre for Ocean Information services (NCOIS), were coordinating the search operation. The search is done on the surface level. The ice- class research vessel “Sagar Nidhi” has been called from Mauritius for the search operation.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (5)

Referring to the absence of signals from the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ETL) of the aircraft has made the rescue task more difficult. The Indian Air Force and other agencies are putting enough resources into the search operation, and the search area had been increased from the initial 14,400 square nautical miles.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (4)

Meanwhile, sources in the Air Force said the reason of the incident is too early to be discovered but indicated that weather could have played a role.

Super Star Rajinikanth’s Kabali Full Movie Review & Business Report

Superstar is back as ‘Kabali’, a film directed by Pa. Ranjith is framed as a gangster revenge drama including other stars Radhika Apte, Dhanshika and Kalaiarasan.

# Kabali Box Office Collection Of Friday/Saturday – Worldwide.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (7)

Rajini’s Kabali beats The Prabhas’s Movie ‘Baahubali’ to become the all-time biggest Indian opener.

It has been the most anticipated film throughout the country and with its release on 22nd July 2016 it collected remarkable digits  i.e. 70 crores on its first day worldwide with breaking all box office records was really incredible.

On Saturday (Second Day) Kabali entered in the 100 cr. club very easily, by crossed the figure of Rs. 132* crors Worldwide earnings.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (5)
Affectionately known as Thalaivar (The boss), has gigantic fan base across the country as well as in the international market because of his electrifying performances. Therefore now the fans have Kabali mania which was apparent on the first day of release in 12000 screens including both India and overseas.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (4)
In South India, it was declared holiday by some of the companies and even gave their employee tickets to watch the film only to avoid a bundle of leave applications for that day to the HR department.

In the US it was the magnificent start as in just two hours advance booking for the tickets were full and love for the superstar Rajinikanth was captivating.

Airline Air Asia had a special flight from Bangalore to Chennai for 180 passengers serving Rajinikanth’s favorite food and fan’s Kabali fever made them to pay 7,860 rupees for the first day first show in Chennai.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (1)
According to the producer ‘Kalaipuli’ S Thanu, superstar Rajinikanth has become the impregnable Indian actor of all the time.

Woman Sleeps With A Snake Daily And One Day Her Doctor Told…

Pets are our life. We love them, we adore them, play with them and what not? Having a pet is such a beautiful feeling as they won’t betray you. They don’t lie. They are pure. They won’t let you feel alone ever. You can play with them, eat with them and even sleep with them. Wait.

Did I say sleep with them?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (4)

Yes. A woman also did the same. She loves animal and hence adopted a python as her pet.

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (7)

Yes, you heard it right. A big python as a pet. But then, something happened that she never thought about…

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (6)

One day, the 4-meter long python stopped eating. The woman got tensed and took her to the vet. The vet asked, do you sleep with your snake? Wraps around you? Really close ?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (1)

She said, yes. We sleep with each other everyday. But now, he is not eating anything. And BTW, why are you asking this to me? How does it matter?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (3)

The vet told the lady- Mam, he isn’t sick neither sad. Your python is alright. He is perfectly fine.  He is just making some good space to eat you. Yes. He is preparing himself to eat you. When he hugs you or grab your body, it means that he is checking whether you are perfect to become his meal or not. He isn’t eating anything as he doesn’t have enough space to eat you right now. You must be careful and always check how your pet is behaving and what he actually wants.

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (5)

Really scary!!! Isn’t it?


If You See Your Children Having This candy, Immediately Stop Them And Call 911, Here’s Why?

If you notice, your child comes home with this Candy you should call to 911 immediately.

Can you think that your children might have been given little doses of Marijuana? But unfortunately, it’s truth. So you just need to beware about this.

A note circulated from the law enforcement officials in South Carolina for parents about an influx of marijuana-infused candies and suggest them to save your kids from it. So keep noticing your children what they are having and eating, because their favorite candies are an influx of marijuana- infused.

What to keep away your children from this candy, then continue reading….

# How Did They Recognize It?

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (1)

Recently, Fox Carolina says that during a regular traffic check, police were stopping every vehicle to check, during this check they found a truck that is fully loaded with these killer candies. Police say, each candy covered with THC, the psychoactive chemical compound that is richly found in marijuana.

# What They Effects On Body?

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (2)

When they consume it, it unites with their receptors on nerve cells and starts growing in other section of their brain. And slowly-slowly it causes to hitting their memory, thinking behavior, concentration, and coordination.

# Some Unwanted Side Effects

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (6)

It has some more unwanted side effects including; memory loss, difficulty in problem solving, loss of thinking power, difficulty in memorizing and reviving things and loss of coordination.

# Highly Dangerous To your Loved One!

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (3)

Keep noticing if your child was to having this substance, it’s side effects can be threatening and dangerous to your kids’ health, or maybe their life too.

# How To Identify Those Killer Candies?

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (4)

Police say these killer candies are implicitly invisible from brand-name candies, and these look like usual ones. So you just look out at the below image to identify them. Stop your kids to buy them!

# Contains High Amount Of THC

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (9)

These candies contain about 100 mg of THC that you can see on the labels. This amount of THC is the pretty high dose for a man.

# This Is Illegal To Usage Of Marijuana, So How Does It Come In Usage?

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (7)

Officials said that the usage of Marijuana is legal in Colorado for medical purpose. Unfortunately, these candies were produced in Colorado and transport to outside the Colorado. However, it is illegal to use it for other thing and supply those things outside the Colorado.

# What The Law Enforcement Officials Is Doing?

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (5)

The Law Enforcement has circulated the notice to parents and every individual that these sweets are turning up mainly in South Carolina. If anyone witness and suspicious candies just call to the local enforcement.

# Call 911 Immediately!

If-You-See-Your-Child-With-This-Candy-Immediately-Call-To-911 (8)

Have you noticed these candies? If you have, Just call to 911 and report the cops immediately.

Share this message on different social channels as much you can and try to save other innocent kids.

Chinese Guy Gets Head Stuck Inside The Washing Machine While Trying To Fix It

Laundry time turns into an embarrassing fiasco for this Chinese guy, and now he becomes famous over the internet as Mr. Fix-It.

Definitely, this isn’t the first time when you have heard about something bizarre that happened in the Chiana. They do have an extensive list of weird things that have been in this Asian country.

Now in this huge list, a most recent incident listen in it, and this is the hell shocking. A Chinese guy gets his head stuck inside the washing machine while trying to fix it. He had to stick into the machine for approx. 40 minutes while a rescue team was releasing him from the insane condition.

# Chinese guy got stuck inside the washing machine while he was trying to fix it.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (2)

This unfortunate guy thinks to set his appliance instead of calling the repairers. He boarded his head first inside the machine’s cylinder to confirm whether something was wrong.

# When his roommates found his in a weird condition, they tried some failed attempts, After that they decided to call 911 for help.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (5)

The roommates decided to use soap as a lubricant to rescue him, but all failed. They finally called the local fire department about the incident.

# A rescue team from the fire department rushed the appliance to save the young guy.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (1)

A rescue team of six emergency officers worked hard to save this young man because there is no space for breathing. They use scissors and hacksaw to separate the cylinder (drum) from the machine’s frame.

# After 40 minutes the young guy was safely rescued.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (4)

Finally, the rescue officers cut the machine carefully, to free the young man from his suffocated prison. After the rescue him, the officers took him to the nearby hospital for a check-up. Doctors said that the guy was safe, just having some minor injuries on neck and head.

# Chinese guy Said that “I managed to stick my head into the device very easily, so I don’t understand why I got stuck on the way out.”

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (6)

Watch the full video of rescue operation:


Don’t hesitate to share this story with everyone!

Guys Buckle Up For This Futuristic ‘Invisible’ Train!!!

ViaJapan’s Futuristic Invisible Train

Human always dreams of being invisible, He always wants to experience how does it feel like to be an invisible. But Japanese architect has taken a step ahead contributing on a futuristic design of a train and working on an “invisible” train. The concept of the invisible train is the material which is being in used. It is hyper-reflective materials which make it capable of making continuously smooth and makes fusion into both urban and rural panorama. According to a Kazuyo Sejima, the train has to travel from mountains to the dense area of Tokyo, so the Idea about the material is, It should be so adequate that it synchronize the diversity of Vista.

Kazuyo Sejima is the person behind this concept who is well known for her precise, state-of-the-art layouts that consolidate agleam surface equivalent to glass, marbles and numerous metals, was assigned to compose the trains by the Japanese railway company Seibu Holding as celebrating their  100th anniversary.

Sejima is a popular name for architecting buildings which mixes up with the surroundings. She already used reflective surface buildings such as Le Louvre-Lens Museum in France.


Le Louvre-Lens Museum By Japanese Architect Kazuyo Sejima. 


View of Le Louvre-Lens Museum in France

This dream train will be arriving by 2018.

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Housefull 3’ Grosses Over 100 Crore Worldwide In Just 3 Days

One of the successful franchise of Bollywood ‘Housefull 3’ is the 3rd series of it had taken the grand opening in its 1st weekend. The film is doing good in both domestic and international markets.

The film businesses 76.77 crores at the Indian box office and 27.01 crores at the exotic box office till now. The film has now earned 103.78 crores worldwide in only three days. The film doing well with huge collections in the US and Canada with USD 7 lac plus in three days. The film collected approximately F$141k in Fiji in past four days, creating a new record as becoming the most successful Bollywood movie ever in the country as per business, passing Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s collections of F$125k

This Sajid Nadiadwala comedy flick features Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri, and Lisa Haydon in the lead roles.


Akshay-Kumar's-'Housefull-3'-Grosses Over-100-Crore-Worldwide (2)

PM Modi Honoured With Amir Amanullah Khan Award, Afghanistan’s Top Civilian Honour

It was a proud moment when Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi awarded by the Afghanistan country’s top most civilian award, which is Amir Amanullah Khan Award. The moment took place at the Inauguration program, held at Salma Dam, which is now India-Afghan Dam, reconstructed by Indian Government Help.

Vikas Swaroop, an official spokesperson of external affairs ministry of India, tweeted “A true brotherhood honored. PM Narendra Modi awarded by the Amir Amanullah Khan Award, Afghanistan’s highest civilian honor.”

The Prime Minister wished the month of Ramzan to people of Afghanistan and all Muslims across the world.

‘The Greatest Of All Time’ Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dies At 74

Muhammad Ali, the legend boxer was suffering from breathing problem late night and for precaution he was admitted to hospital 24 hours later as per reports he has been placed on life support machine and on June 3, 2016, in Arizona, he has taken his last breath.

The-Greatest-Of-All-Time’-Boxing-Legend-Muhammad-Ali (1)

In 1960 Rome Olympics was the year which had changed his life and gave him the taste of fame by winning light-heavyweight gold. Nicknamed “The Greatest”, In 1964 he win his first world title beating Sonny Liston set for February 25, 1964, in Miami Beach. This win made him First ever boxer who achieved world heavyweight title on three separate occasions.

The-Greatest-Of-All-Time’-Boxing-Legend-Muhammad-Ali (5)

Paying tribute after his death, Former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, wrote: “God came to his champion. So much time great one.”   Foreperson wrote: “Ali, Fraser and Foreman we were one guy. A part of me slipped away.”

The-Greatest-Of-All-Time’-Boxing-Legend-Muhammad-Ali (3)

In 1966 during Vietnam War Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was outlined in 1966 and called up for selection in 1967, but he denied to take participate. This drives U.S. Army to arrest him, later on, appeal to the US Supreme Court reversed. In March 1967, Before his anticipated military selection, Muhammad Ali speaks up why he would not be initiated to fight in Vietnam:

‘The Greatest Of All Time’ Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dies At 74 (1)


‘The Greatest Of All Time’ Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dies At 74 (2)

Muhammad Ali retired in 1981 from the boxing, but his real war starts from 1984 when he was diagnosed with the disease named Parkinson’s. Due to lack of knowledge about this disease in the world. He, himself starts awareness in the world by appearing on TV and various means. Ali fought with this disease three decades long.