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So Now You Can Eat Water Actually. Don’t be Shocked. Do Read

Did I just say that now you can eat water? Yes. I did. No am not drunk. This can actually happen now. Yes it is possible. Now you can eat water. But the question arises, How? I mean, it is in liquid form and hence we can drink it but not eat.

Well, we know that miracle happens. And everything is possible because of science. And once again they proved it.

Have you seen it before?


What is it ?

It’s an edible water bottle. Students of London invented it in 2014. Two years back. But am pretty sure that you haven’t seen it before.

They are made from a gelatinous membrane.

The name of this water is Ooho.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?


And the best part is, it can be made in your kitchen itself.

So I think it’s a high time to say goodbye to the plastic bottles and welcome this eco friendly bottle.

Woman Sleeps With A Snake Daily And One Day Her Doctor Told…

Pets are our life. We love them, we adore them, play with them and what not? Having a pet is such a beautiful feeling as they won’t betray you. They don’t lie. They are pure. They won’t let you feel alone ever. You can play with them, eat with them and even sleep with them. Wait.

Did I say sleep with them?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (4)

Yes. A woman also did the same. She loves animal and hence adopted a python as her pet.

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (7)

Yes, you heard it right. A big python as a pet. But then, something happened that she never thought about…

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (6)

One day, the 4-meter long python stopped eating. The woman got tensed and took her to the vet. The vet asked, do you sleep with your snake? Wraps around you? Really close ?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (1)

She said, yes. We sleep with each other everyday. But now, he is not eating anything. And BTW, why are you asking this to me? How does it matter?

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (3)

The vet told the lady- Mam, he isn’t sick neither sad. Your python is alright. He is perfectly fine.  He is just making some good space to eat you. Yes. He is preparing himself to eat you. When he hugs you or grab your body, it means that he is checking whether you are perfect to become his meal or not. He isn’t eating anything as he doesn’t have enough space to eat you right now. You must be careful and always check how your pet is behaving and what he actually wants.

Woman-sleeps-with-a-snake-daily-and-one-day-her-doctor-told (5)

Really scary!!! Isn’t it?


Meet This Gloriously-Angry Iranian Hulk; You Won’t Believe, But Actually Exits In Real-Life

Keep calm and don’t make him angry!!! You won’t like him when he is angry.

That is the time to forget about your strongest of all time Avenger-Hulk because the real life Hulk actually exists. And he remains angry most of the time and his gloriously angry photos come out with the similar to your favorite comic character (Hulk). He is an Iranian bodybuilder and now become famous over the internet as Iranian Hulk. There’s no accurate answer how much time he has been spending at the gym to get a Hulk-like body, but admittedly too long at workout game. According to those who know him, He is as sweet as can be and don’t smash like Green Hulk.

# Sajid Gharibi “The Real Hulk”

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (7)

This Iranian Hulk is just 24-year-old and weighs over 385 pounds. He is very popular on social media channels, and inspiring others bodybuilder around the world by sharing his hulk-like photos.

# Persian Hercules

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (6)

This real-life Hulk doesn’t work for you, so people also gives a name “Persian Hercules.”

# So Muscular And Strong

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (5)

He can lift huge weights with comfort, and his Hulk-like muscles are force to be reckoned with. But there’s one disadvantage to having so muscular body which you can see in this man that he has no neck.

# Don,t Make Me Angry

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (1)

He has carved his body to an extreme level that anyone can dream it. So Gharibi is the only man who achieved this, and we also can say he is an anomaly in bodybuilding game.

# Popular Over Internet

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (2)

At this time, he becomes famous over the Internet and inspiring the bodybuilders across the world. He has more 59,000 followers on Instagram.

# No Body Part Without Muscle!

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (4)

Just look at this Iranian Hulk, he has no body part without muscle, even his hand and legs look like little balls of fat protein.

# Not Angry All Time

Meet-This-Gloriously-Angy-Iranian-Hulk (3)

According to his family and friends that you shouldn’t be scared by his Hulk-Like body. He is so sweet as can be and loves to all.

8 Most Terrifying Creatures Spotted On This Planet That Can Give You Nightmares

This planet has lots of exciting and mysterious things and many of which have to give nightmares to many people. There are so many things which are still a big mystery. But, we are sure about one thing that lores of mysterious and strange creatures have always been around us. So, today we are talking about some terrifying creatures that have been found on this earth. Although, whether they exist on this planet is really a big question to us, but unfortunately there is no absolute answer about their existence.

Let’s see these scary creatures that have been spotted on this planet during the last couple of years.

#1. The Strange Furry Monster Spotted On A Beach of Sakhalin Island, Russia.

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (8)

A Mysterious body of the terrifying creatures was spotted on the beach of Russia whose unusually long fur, and massive size has left the experts mystify. Till now there is no any absolute answer about this Mothman; is real or not!

#2. The Mysterious Mothman, Found In West Virginia, U.S.A., 1966-67.

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (2)

A Human-like monster reportedly seen as a flying monster in the West Virginia from 1966 to 1977. This monster has ten feet huge wings and gleaming red eyes.

#3. Five Hundred Million Old Marine Mollusc

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (5)

These terrifying see creatures are supposed to have survived two of the biggest mass extinctions.

#4. The “Pop Lick Monster.”

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (1)

Pope Lick Monster, a legendary half man and half goat monster has been spotted several times. Recently, there are so many people who have reportedly seen this terrifying monster near railroad trestle over pope lick creek. Unfortunately, every time there has been a major accident following it.

#5. Mysterious Jersey Devil, New Jersey, U.S.A.

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (9)

Over the past 275 years, more than 2000 eyewitnesses have reported seeing this Jersey Monster, who’s rumored to have shared a deserted exorcism.

#6. The Flatwoods Monster, 1952, U.S.A.

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (4)

Three school boys reported a bright streak across the sky, apparently crashed in the forest. Hurrying to the with a few others, they encountered a terrifying creature with a pair of red glowing eyes.

#7. Giant See Monster, New Zealand, 2014.

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (6)

An image of giant sea monster captured by Google Earth was spotted off the coast of New Zealand, 2014. According to the google earth, this sea monster was moving and turning very sharply to be a whale, and too big to be a shark.

#8. Mysterious Alien-Like Jellyfish Discovered In Deep Sea.

8-Most-Terrifying-Creatures-Spotted-On-This-Planet (3)

A strange alien-like creature has been seen floating in the deep sea. This terrifying creature was first observed in 1990 by the only scientist just over 100 times in a century. This sea creature appears to have a small disk-shaped bell-head and four extendable stinging tentacles.

See the video for more description about these mysterious creatures.

[wpsm_video width=”600″ height=”400″][/wpsm_video]

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These Famous Foods Redesigned Their Logos To Show Calorie Count, Will Definitely Shock You

How can you say no to these mouthwatering foods like french fries, choco lava cake, and cheese sandwich? Well, seeing how much calories are you gulping with these mouthwatering foods. An account on Instagram with the name of Caloriebrand has redesigned the famous food logos in a genius way to show you how much calories you are intake with your favourite fast food. Definitely, you will surprise to know that how much calories you are gulping with these mouthwatering foods.

Caloriebrands Says that “This is how your favourite brands should look like to help you achieve your summer body goals.”

Let’s check these brands with their new logos:


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (1)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (2)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (3)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (4)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (5)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (6)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (7)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (8)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (9)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (10)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (11)


These-Famous-Foods-Redesigned-Their-Logos-To-Show-Calorie-Count (12)

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Chinese Guy Gets Head Stuck Inside The Washing Machine While Trying To Fix It

Laundry time turns into an embarrassing fiasco for this Chinese guy, and now he becomes famous over the internet as Mr. Fix-It.

Definitely, this isn’t the first time when you have heard about something bizarre that happened in the Chiana. They do have an extensive list of weird things that have been in this Asian country.

Now in this huge list, a most recent incident listen in it, and this is the hell shocking. A Chinese guy gets his head stuck inside the washing machine while trying to fix it. He had to stick into the machine for approx. 40 minutes while a rescue team was releasing him from the insane condition.

# Chinese guy got stuck inside the washing machine while he was trying to fix it.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (2)

This unfortunate guy thinks to set his appliance instead of calling the repairers. He boarded his head first inside the machine’s cylinder to confirm whether something was wrong.

# When his roommates found his in a weird condition, they tried some failed attempts, After that they decided to call 911 for help.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (5)

The roommates decided to use soap as a lubricant to rescue him, but all failed. They finally called the local fire department about the incident.

# A rescue team from the fire department rushed the appliance to save the young guy.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (1)

A rescue team of six emergency officers worked hard to save this young man because there is no space for breathing. They use scissors and hacksaw to separate the cylinder (drum) from the machine’s frame.

# After 40 minutes the young guy was safely rescued.

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (4)

Finally, the rescue officers cut the machine carefully, to free the young man from his suffocated prison. After the rescue him, the officers took him to the nearby hospital for a check-up. Doctors said that the guy was safe, just having some minor injuries on neck and head.

# Chinese guy Said that “I managed to stick my head into the device very easily, so I don’t understand why I got stuck on the way out.”

Chinese-Guy-Gets-Head-Stuck-Inside-The-Washing-Machine (6)

Watch the full video of rescue operation:


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6 Most Hilarious Teen Trends Every Parents Should Know About, #6 Is Disgusting

All parents beware about your teenage kids because they could come up with hilarious ideas. Most of the time teenagers love to find the way to cross the dangerous boundaries, but sometimes they failed. Here’s an inside look at some of the most hilarious and hazardous things teenagers are trying these days.

Have a look at these hilarious trends of teenagers:

#1. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


That is the most viral social media challenge among adolescents. The kids are attempting to plump up their lips by using bottle suction effects. This hilarious stunt was done to replicate the reality TV star Kelly Jenner’s Plumped Lips. But experts revealed that this dangerous stunt can lead to damage tissue and circulation.

#2. Vodka Gummy Bear


That is the most dangerous trend among teens. Most of the teenagers try this way to get drunk by consuming soaked vodka candies in bulk. These vodka candies are potentially harmful to teens.  So you should need to aware about your teen kids what they eat or drink.

#3. Dangerous Chocking Game


This game refers intentionally to cut off the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. It’s not a fun game; it’s an act of suffocation purposefully. In this game, kids chock to each other or themselves till the other kid walk out. This act is better than any drug, because once your blood/oxygen back to your brain, it creates high momentary just parallel to the drug.

#4. The Purple Drink


This drink made by the mixing of soft drink like-Coke, Pepsi with cough syrup, jolly ranchers candies and ice cubes. After competing for the mixing, this drink contains a high level of the toxic compound in it, and may lead to hallucination or unresponsiveness.

#5. Snorting/Smoking Smarties


Crushed up candies is not a smart thing to do for teenagers. Today, this is the most popular thing among the teenagers. They crush the candies to powder and then snorting/smoking it through a straw or paper (rolled up). But they don’t know, this kind of snorting can cause nasal maggots, infections, and cough problem.

#6. Tampon Boozing


That is one of a hilarious trend involves teenagers who are inserting vodka-soaked tampons into their anal cavity or vaginas. That is the weirdest way to get drunk faster.

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OMG!!! These 9 Foods Are Actually Non Vegetarian

There are some common foods which you intake in your day to day life but unaware of the ingredients and processes they came out. Here is a list of some foods which you never expected as non-vegetarian food.

#1. Soups

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (1)

Chinese Dishes are most preferred foods in India, but you will get shockingly surprised if we say that your Manchow soup is a non-vegetarian. Restaurants often add sauces to your soup which are made using fish or are fish sauces. So, next when you order any beware for the contents present in your soup.

#2. Naan

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (7)

We Indians, whenever to go for outing in a restaurant or hotels naans are a must part of your plate. But you know your naan can be non-veg? Not all but some authentic naan call for the use of eggs for kneading the dough to make it soft and give it to good elasticity. If you are pure vegetarian, my friend goes to get your substitute for your paneer tikkas.

#3. Oils

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (5)

Do you remember that commercial Ad for your “heart-friendly” oil? There is nothing to heart friendly at all! A compound named Omega-3 acids that found in oils and juice, known to be good for the heart, are obtained from fish oil. Some juices claimed that it contains vitamin d which obtained from Lanolin, found in sheep.

#4. Cheese

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (4)

Most of the Indians love to eat cheese like a fish to water, and we know how to add cheese to every dishes like cheese pasta, cheese pov-bhaji, cheese sandwich, and even cheese paratha!  Do you know that the cheese you love most, it contain rennet, which is an enzyme obtained from animal guts? Unfortunately, most of the cheese packets do not list the actual protein used in it, just list as a generic term “enzyme”.

#5. Beer/Wine

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (3)

A Compound named isinglass used in most of the beer or wine. This compound derived from fish bladders and makers use it to clarify their beer. So, do check double before buying your beer.

#6. Salad Dressings

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (8)

As a vegetarian ordering lettuce, salad can be a bad idea. Ever wondered what makes your salad so delicious? Most of the salad dressings are not vegetarian completely, and it contains eggs. So the next time when you order your favourite salad dressing, please check the ingredients list.


OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (6)

As a vegetarian ordering lettuce, salad can be a bad idea. Ever wondered what makes your salad so delicious? Most of the salad dressings are not vegetarian completely, and it contains eggs. So the next time when you order your favorite salad dressing, please check the ingredients list.

#8. Potato chips

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (2)

Many of you get shocked to know your chips packet is a nonveg food, But it’s truth. There are so many brands which contain the chicken fat, especially barbecue flavored chips. So next time when you go to buy any chips packet, double check the ingredients.

#9. Sugar

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (9)

We all, always prefer to buy/take white sugar, just because of it’s precious whitening nature. But do you know the hidden fact about it white sugar? At the time of processing, manufacture sends it through whitening processes. In this process, natural carbon is use for making it extra white. Wondering where that “natural carbon” obtain from? Charred animal bones, Yes, that’s right. So the next time always prefers to buy unrefined sugar, if you are a vegetarian.

This Brave Woman Posted Her Nude Pictures On Fb And People Unfriended Her- Check Out Why

Generally when someone do something good which is actually difficult for them but still they managed, we appreciate them but here the case is just agrhh!

This Brave Woman Posted Her Nude Pictures On Fb

This brave woman named Beth Whanghaa, posted her nude pictures on social media not for to gain some publicity but to spread an awareness among us. She was diagnosed with cancer and not just cancer but she underwent to the breast reconstruction and double mastectomy too. And as a result, she got too many scars on her body. But despite of being quite, she decided to spread the awareness about cancer on Facebook and hence she posted her nude pictures on it…

This Brave Woman Posted Her Nude Pictures On Fb

But things went just opposite. People didn’t appreciate the woman but insulted her. Mrs Whaangha is an Australian married woman having four children. She faced so much criticism from people and in fact, many of the people added in her friend list unfriended her too.

While sharing the pics, she even mentioned the notice

” These images are confronting and contain topless material, they are not in any way meant to be sexual. The aim of this project is to raise awareness for breast cancer.If you found it inappropriate, please hide it from your feed.”

But still the cruel society didn’t leave a single chance to let her down. They thinks that the picture is really inappropriate for children and hence it should be deleted.

Do you think that it is right? We should keep on insulting this brave woman? Please think and tell us.

This Man Is Offering What You Even Can’t Imagine. $180,000,000 To The Man Who Will Marry Her Daughter!

Dads are always possessive about their daughters no matter it is about to choose a pair of shoes or a life partner. True? Yeah it is. But here you see this man who is offering $180,000,000 to the man who will marry his daughter. Yes you read it right.

Mr Cecil Chao, a Chinese billionaire is offering you the amount that is even more high than your imagination i.e, $180,000,000 to the one who can turn his daughter straight and marry her.

$180,000,000-To-The-Man-Who-Will-Marry-Her-Daughter! (1)


It’s not the first time he did so. In 2012, he offered the amount of $60,000,000 including some properties as a dowry for the lucky man.

After some years, in 2014, he raised the amount to $120,000,000 when he didn’t find the suitable man for his daughter.

$180,000,000-To-The-Man-Who-Will-Marry-Her-Daughter! (2)

And now, the offer is of $180,000,000. Not a small amount at all. Yeah? So go and grab the deal if you think you are the man who can turn his daughter straight.