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Ever Noticed Why Plane Windows Are Always Elliptical???

Flying on a plane is always comfortable as well as opulent. Massive distances can be covered up very easily. You have travelled many times in flight but have you ever thought of why the window of a plane is always round or oval in shape????

Ever-Noticed-Why-Plane-Windows-Are-Always-Elliptical (2)

In 1950, when people started travelling through plane then the windows of planes were square in shape. In 1953, 2 Planes were crashed in which 56 died. The reports claimed that the reason for the accident was the square shape of windows because four edges of it made the windows weaker. In this sort of windows, there are four weak spots which can be cracked in the air because of air pressure.

Ever-Noticed-Why-Plane-Windows-Are-Always-Elliptical (1)

The new model proposed to make the windows round or circuitous so that the pressure gets distributed which reduces the risk of getting windows damage.

Ever-Noticed-Why-Plane-Windows-Are-Always-Elliptical (4)

Fascinating Facts About AK-47 Rifle Which You Didn’t Know

You are very much familiar with AK-47, but you hardly know the story behind it. Who made it? Why it is so valuable and why it is so sought?????

We are going to tell you the interesting story of the world’s largest selling assault rifle.

Fascinating-Facts-About-AK-47-Rifles-Which-You-Didn't-Know (3)

You will get surprised to know that army of 106 countries adopted and the blueprint of this assault rifle is not designed in any laboratory or by any scientist but in a mind of an unhealthy person lying on a hospital bed. This gun was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov, who passed away in 2013. The name of this automatic rifle is on Mikhail Kalashnikov. It now became world’s most popular and widely used weapon.

Fascinating-Facts-About-AK-47-Rifles-Which-You-Didn't-Know (2)

This is an automatic weapon of Mikhail that’s why it is named as Avtomat Kalashnikova later pronounced as Automatic Kalashnikov. Initial models face some difficulties later on in 1947 Mikhail Kalashnikov completed the design. It was hard to pronounce so shortened as AK-47. AK has much more different versions including AK-74 & AK-103. AK-47 is a weapon which can be fired accurately inside the wire, the speed of the bullet is so fast that even friction inside water is unable to reduce it.

Fascinating-Facts-About-AK-47-Rifles-Which-You-Didn't-Know (4)

This rifle is very simple and can be constructed very quickly, which is why it is the only rifle which is the most copied concept in the world. This is the only weapon which can be used in every type of environment and can be cleaned within a minute.

Fascinating-Facts-About-AK-47-Rifles-Which-You-Didn't-Know (1)

The rifle is a mixture of all previous gun technologies. If we talk about its specifications technically, its locking feature is taken from M1 Grand rifle. The trigger and safety lock is applied from Remington rifle model 8, However gas system and exterior design is adapted from S.T.G. 44. It can shoot both semi-automatic and automatically. Old bullets fall out from the rifle due to Recoil technology, and its shocks results to fill new cartridges. 7.62 X 39 mm is the size of cartridge used in it, which travels with the speed of 710 m/sec having a range of about 400 meters.

Fascinating-Facts-About-AK-47-Rifles-Which-You-Didn't-Know (6)

Ever Wondered Why Number Pad On Phones And Calculators Have Reversed Layouts? Here’s Why?

Have you ever wondered that why number pad on phones and calculator are in reversed layouts? Interesting question, Right? Phones have 1-2-3 on the top row, while calculators have 1-2-3 on the bottom row. Why was this pattern adopted? Is there any logic behind it?

Let’s see, what’s the reason behind it?

The early 1900s rotary telephones which were invented in the US.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (3)

The number pad on this phone had holes with the number contained from 1-9 and then 0 after the number 9.

By the 60s, The keypad telephones were developed.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (5)

Before push-button phones were officially released…

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (7)

Before the released of push-button phones, they performed lots of studies on how to arrange the numbers that there will be fewer possibilities of error while dialing.

According to the applied psychology, people arrange the figures in order in which they usually read them.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (1)

Then the companies realized that there would be a lot of patterns to arrange these numbers, like…

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (8)

But they adopt the logical ones that the people would expect.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (9)

Later a study conducted by the Belly lab in the 1960s,

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (6)

As per the study report, People preferred a pattern that involved two horizontal rows of numbers. Apparently, it is the quickest way and had fewer possibilities of dialing errors.

The first handheld calculator was invented in Texas, In 1967.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (10)

In this device, they placed the buttons that had the numbers in reversed order like, 7-8-9 on the top row and 1-2-3 on the bottom row. Complete reversed pattern of phones’ Number pad. Hopefully, this design was inspired by the desktop adding machines.

But now, we have two standardized Number patterns and are used to it.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (2)

Digital Education: The Biggest Game Changer In Indian Education

Recently my friend and I were having a conversation, and he asked me that “What do I see as the biggest game changer in education?”

I know this question is not that easy. In today’s world, we hear things like a digital classroom, social media, e-tutorials, blah blah and what effect will they put on the things we do. But if we focus on a single thing that is a game changer for education, then, internet’s name is taken. The internet is not just for education but what we describe is “everything”. I think that many of us understand the opportunities provided by the ’World Wide Web’ to us in so many phases of our life. That being said, the game changer has already happened.

The real game changer doesn’t belong to any external source, but is internal, the way in which we think and grow.

Digital-Education-The Biggest-Game-Changer (1)
Students to teachers ratio decreasing every year.

It’s moving from the “fixed” and “boring” mindset of teaching and learning to “growing” and “innovative” one. It is about thinking that all of us people are not the same and require different education and understanding to succeed. Some students learn better in isolation while others love to work in collaborations.

Digital-Education-The Biggest-Game-Changer (3)

Today, no single thing is a game changer. If there were then, our brilliant human minds would have already figured it out and have adapted by now. We have to stop looking for basic fixed or standardised solutions to try and personalise teaching. Instead, the focus should be on how to be open to many approaches, not a single one.
Change is the one the resolute that we will always have in our world, and if we do not rise and learn to comprise it, then we will become irrelevant.

Digital-Education-The Biggest-Game-Changer (3)
Innovations in teaching

The mindset towards learning is only one side of a coin; making connections with our learners and teachers is equally important. In a country with 1 billion people, who better than the community itself can help resolve doubts and queries of students? If you have believed in the survey of 2009-10 that is review by District Information System of Education (DISE), then the average student-teacher ratio for primary schools in India is 32. Not too bad, one would say. In fact, this number of has been increasing over the years beginning with 47 in 1995 to 40 in 2000 and 34 in 2008.

If I were standing in front of you and speaking, I would have said only a few statements, that:

“The biggest game changer that you are looking for in this world is nowhere to be found because it’s not out there, it’s deep inside you, in your heads and it has ALWAYS been there since the time of your birth.”

Guys Buckle Up For This Futuristic ‘Invisible’ Train!!!

ViaJapan’s Futuristic Invisible Train

Human always dreams of being invisible, He always wants to experience how does it feel like to be an invisible. But Japanese architect has taken a step ahead contributing on a futuristic design of a train and working on an “invisible” train. The concept of the invisible train is the material which is being in used. It is hyper-reflective materials which make it capable of making continuously smooth and makes fusion into both urban and rural panorama. According to a Kazuyo Sejima, the train has to travel from mountains to the dense area of Tokyo, so the Idea about the material is, It should be so adequate that it synchronize the diversity of Vista.

Kazuyo Sejima is the person behind this concept who is well known for her precise, state-of-the-art layouts that consolidate agleam surface equivalent to glass, marbles and numerous metals, was assigned to compose the trains by the Japanese railway company Seibu Holding as celebrating their  100th anniversary.

Sejima is a popular name for architecting buildings which mixes up with the surroundings. She already used reflective surface buildings such as Le Louvre-Lens Museum in France.


Le Louvre-Lens Museum By Japanese Architect Kazuyo Sejima. 


View of Le Louvre-Lens Museum in France

This dream train will be arriving by 2018.

8 Upcoming Technologies Which Will Lead The World To New Era

We Living in the smart world. Now every day we are moving one step ahead in the technology era. As the comforts we are having with gazettes,  are really very cool and amazing. Here top 8 technologies, for which world are awaiting.
These revolutionary concepts defiantly will change the real life.

#1. Google Glass

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (6)

Google takes his big step to develop google glass. It is an optical head-mounted display,shapes a pair of the eyeglass.In a nutshell, we can say, by using this glass, you will be able to view social media updates, text, feeds and much more. GPS navigation is on your hands, you can capture images on the way too.
Presently device is available for developers @1500$, but other some tech companies trying to found an economical solution of the Google glass for their customers.

#2. Form 1

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (5)

This 3 D Printing Device released in October 2012 after so many controversies. And it is the product which makes your digital design into a real life product. This product can be yours at @2799$. Sounds the price is high. But as we see the use this 3D printer, whatever our imagination have the shape, cost looks fine.

#3. Oculus Rift

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (7)

In the age of Gaming, looks this stuff is very cool. This headset creates the environment, where you can feel, that your inside in the video game. It feels it’s just beginning of the revolution. And all of this you can enjoy at just @300$.

#4. Leap Motion –

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (1)

Long Working on a multi-touch desktop is a very fatigue task, However, Leap Motion has discovered the new way to use it. It allows you to control desktop with fingers, without touching it.
Without the use of motion sensor, Leap motion allows you to use or surfing the web pages, scrolling contents on the web and much more. All this you can own this in future at just 70$.

#5. Eye Tribe

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (4)

Basically this is eye tracking technology. This technology combining with a front end camera, with some serious system algorithm.

#6. Smart Things

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (8)

Devices are having one major and common issue, that they can’t interact and synchronize with each other properly. With this smart things, you can get  all kind of sensors like smoke alarms, pressure, humid and vibrations too. Amazingly all performed by your cell phone.

#7. Firefox OS –

8-Futuristic-Technology-That-Will-Astonished-The-World (2)

Whereas already two OS present in the market already, which is IOS and Android, Firefox decided to launch his new OS, Firefox OS.  By the use of OS, the user can perform needed task, like surfing, browsing, call up a friend and much more like ios and android.

#8. Google Driver-less Car


Imagination needs new inventions always. A search engine company Google has  released his new invention in the market. The car has powered by Artificial Intelligence that takes the input from inbuilt cameras inside the car, and some sensors which are used in different parts of Car. In the successful run, Car has completed 1609 kilometer successful journey without human command.

10 Mind Blowing Concepts Of Bicycle For The Next Generation Commuter!

Since beginning and still today, bicycles have been and are employed for many uses. In a utilitarian way, bicycles are used for transportation, bicycle commuting, and utility cycling. It can be used as a ‘workhorse’, used by mail carriers, paramedics, police,messengers, and general delivery services. Military uses of bicycles include communications, reconnaissance, troop movement, the supply of provisions, and patrol. See also: bicycle infantry.

#1. iBike –

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (6)

Bicycle was introduced in the 19th Century. Bicycle are a stunning way of transportation. Bicycles use is to reach from one source to destination. The bicycle is also used for recreational purposes, such as bicycle touring, mountain biking, physical fitness, By use of bicycle, the environment doesn’t pollute, it is much cheaper than cars. You don’t need to pay either any fuel substance like gas, petrol. Workout the physical exercises, and yes to avoid heavy traffics on the road.

Very new concepts coming in the market nowadays, the story has not ended yet, here’s iBike concept, its look, style are fancy. Now you can enjoy with music on the way, with a charging point in a bicycle.

#2. 24/7 City Pedelec Bicycle Designed By Philipp Guenther

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (3)

You can consider this bicycle as a city bike.This pedelec bicycle has an adjusting seat. Also has inbuilt motor. It allows you to ride the bicycle in much comfort way without compromise the speed.

#3. ECO-07  Compactable Urban Bicycle

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (4)

This bike can be dissembled completely. The design of wheels consists of 6 modules that can be separated and fold up to be save space. It’s really so compact that you put it in the suitcase too if you plan to go on vacation too.

#4. “X” Bike

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (10)

Just because of the shape of “X” this bicycle named X bike. The amazing fact in this bicycle, there is no any chain concepts within it. Folding can be performed in 6 easy steps. This bicycle is health conscious

#5. A Complete Backpack Bicycle Designed By Chang Ting Jen

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (1)

This bicycle amazingly so compact. The weight of this bicycle is about 5 kg. The maker of this bicycle also confessed that he use plastic parts to make this instead of metal ones, to became it lighter. This bicycle basically for those who lives in town, and want to explore outside sometimes.

#6. Carrier Bike Designed By Shin Hyung Sub Shin

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (2)

As name describing, it’s really a carrier bike. There is a compartment space in the middle of the bike, where you can keep your belongings, even your office briefcase or handbag too. By folding, this resembles a shopping cart too. Definitely, you can enjoy your shopping with this bike.

#7. Parrot- Green Shadow Bike By Mr. Onuff

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (5)

You can say, that this is an ECO-Friendly Bicycle. The concept was designed for a game, But this is so interesting, so the production starts. This bicycle can say a Techo bike, having an inbuilt computer system, which can keep recording your miles traveled, how much calories you burned, even your heart rate.

#8. Taurus Seat-less Bike Designed By Julia Meyer

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (7)

Basically, this bicycle was designed for kids. The design looks like for extra fitness and workouts.
This seatless bicycle designed in a way where, when on the bike, your body will be tilted in a way that puts your legs into a perfect position for a great workout. Handlebar and wheels are de-teachable for easy carrying if you are going out.

#9. T-bike Designed By Jung Geun Tak & Shinhyun Kang Of T.A.K Studio

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (8)

Another phase of city bike, with having techie support. A bicycle having a display board, for showing the mileage, time spend on it, and wonderful feature of GPS. GPS also useful for in theft condition. The handlebar of the bicycle is foldable, which makes it easy to carry in public transport well.

#10. Variable Frame Bike

10-Mind-Blowing-Concepts-Of-Bicycle-For-The-Next-Generation (9)

The concept of this bicycle really very versatile. Bicycle frame can be changed as per your needs.
Suppose you’re in a city traffic, You can use the normal upright position whereas if you are in the park, in a relaxing way, you could much more by changing the position. The good part of this, that you don’t need to go in switch mode, what all you need to do, just push a lever and you can move ahead and back, depends on what mode you want to be choose.

You Must Aware Of These iPhone Tricks To Quick Access Of Necessary Information During A Medical Emergency

We are living in a technical age, it has easier our lifestyle, and to best almost in every area. In current days, we never know, when the need comes to blood group, DOB, emergency contact nos. etc. iPhone has the all this information stored in a very safe place and on your fingertips, which you can access with a single click. The Even phone is locked, at the time you required.

#. Have a look below

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (6)

#. This feature store the necessary info during an emergency.

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (5)

#. The  “Medical-ID” feature.

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (1)

As above picture describes, we can use this feature even phone is locked, with some major parts of medical history like BP, Allergies etc.

#. This feature is inbuilt feature of an iPhone, see image below –

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (4)

#. When you click on that app, it will automatically started to be settled up. Menu screen will show you up categorized options, where you can fill desired fields.

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (3)

#. Then your screen will show your medical ID in this way

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (7)

#. After Complete Setup

iPhone-Tricks-To-Quick-Access-Of-Necessary-Information-During-A-Medical-Emergency (2)

After setting up this function, go to home button, then emergency and then access medical id, and you’ll be present then on the screen, where all desired information shows up. This takes one minute of your time for setting up, but could be a lifesaver at the time of an emergency.

10 Mind-Blowing Futuristic Architecture Projects That You Can’t Imagine

At present, we have lots of wonderful and amazing architecture around us and we think architecture profession reach its high point. Architecture is one of the most creative profession in the world. Today here we collect some futuristic architecture projects that will blow your mind away. When you see these futuristic architecture projects once you probably think that they may be the illusions. But in actual these all are the next level of architecture profession which you could see in the next 100 years.

Take a look at these futuristic architecture projects:

#1. Aequorea, the floating city

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (1)
Floating City “Aequorea”
10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (2)
Floating City “Aequorea” (1)

A mind-blowing imagination of Belgian architecture Vincent Callebaut that would be exists in real. The construction of this project is planned in the coastal water of Rio DE Janeiro So that’s why the project is called Aequorea. This project is made from the algae and garbage, collected from the great pacific garbage patch.

#2. Bio- Pyramid

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (4)
The Bio- Pyramid

This is a recreational concept of next level architecture that is planned to be constructed between the Cairo and the ancient pyramids. Maybe this pyramid will be the next wonder of the world as well as its predecessors.

#3. Ecorium, South Korea


This project is the initiative of the center of National Ecological Institute, South Korea. This project is spread over 33,OOO hectares. This is the first ever concept with a wedge- shaped Eco-houses, where ecological researchers would be conducted. The concept of ecorium is completely unique and beautiful in its architectural design.

#4. Cobra Towers, Kuwait

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (3)
The Cobra Towers

Cobra Towers or Burj Cobra of Kuwait is the next level of architectural concept made by the CDI Gulf International (CGI). These stunning towers are supposed to rotate to give a beautiful spiral effect. There is some debate on this project like “how the elevator would work?”. Because due to the spiral shape of towers doesn’t allow the standard form of an elevator. Some experts say that they will use air pressured tubes instead of the elevator. After completion of this architecture building, it would be the highest as well as most beautiful skyscrapers in the world.

#5. Dragonfly Skyscraper Farm, New York

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (5)
Dragonfly Skyscraper

A Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut developed a designed for a futuristic architectural project that appears like a twin tower- vertical complex. The project is called Dragonfly Skyscraper farm. It supposed to be build in the heart of New York city.

#6. Skyscrapers on Red Planet (Mars)

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (7)
Skyscrapers On Mars

Yes, this is the craziest project of architect ever. The architect team planned to develop some buildings on Mars. They’ll independently move throughout on the red planet. The functional properties of these buildings are; collecting the necessary material from the surface and produce life surviving elements such as greenhouse gasses. This is the most adventurous project of architecture, will see in future.

#7. Dawang Mountain Resort, China

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (6)
Dawang Mountain Sky- Resort

Dawang mountain resort is an ambitious project of Coop Himmelb(l)an architect group, which will come to in operational from this year. This forthcoming project of the architect could well lure the next generation of fans to china. The Sky resort, water park, ice rink and hanging garden are included in this building. This project is planned to develop across the abandoned cement mining quarry and lake near Changsha in China.

#8. City In The Sky

10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (8)
Lotus City In The Sky
10-Mind-Blowing-Futuristic-Architecture-Projects (9)
Lotus City In The Sky (2)

This beautiful project is about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the pre-developed and polluted city where one want to live in a silent place or want to the escape from everyday noise, and dirt. The structure of these floating cities likes a lotus flower.