Cloud 9 Stories – Funny & Weird Tale About A Wretch Passenger

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It was a long haul flight, and we were over the Pacific Ocean. As per the usual schedule after the meal service we commenced with HOT tea and coffee. A young male passenger sitting on the Aisle seat was on and off looking at me.
Though his stare was not awkward and every time I was approaching him for his choice of meal, he was quite generous to respond with a warm smile.

Generally, it happens to the passenger who is not a frequent flyer, and they do get eluded by the beauty of Air hostess.

Therefore, we consider it entirely reasonable, and I was without any prejudice, performing my services. As a part of the service, I asked him “would you care TEA or COFFEE SIR?” He was looking at me like a lost guy, after my repeat question he abruptly replied “Coffee, Please” and lifted his cup up.

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He was still staring at me as I started pouring the coffee into his cup and smiled at him.

God know, what happen to his guy and with a smile, he unknowingly removed his cup.

Ohh my Goodness, I could see that the hot, wiping hot coffee is about to fall on his P Parts.

And the moment coffee landed, there was a big scream came out from his mouth, and I too couldn’t do much to it as he was shaking from head to toe in pain and was unable to open the seat belt.

I promptly kept back both the serving ports on the aisle and opened his seat belt. He immediately rushed to the lavatory.

This, in turn, created a big scene in the cabin and passengers sitting next to him were uncomfortable.

I told them, no worries this shall be all right, please be relax.

I went back to the galley, and the galley-in-charge asked me what happened why that man screamed so loud.

I unfolded the story to her; she compassionately told me to knock on the lav doors and asked him if he needs some cold towel.

Which eventually I offered him,  he came out in a couple of minutes and then said with long breath lady. It’s been a year and 45 days that I was out of my home and was working in States and on the day 1 of my marriage because of individual popping out circumstances I had to leave on the wedding night.

Today, I am meeting with my wife for 02 days and my p parts are badly injured. Stating that this time too, my marriage would not be able to consummate.
I have learned a lesson today, however in a hard way.

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