5 Super Natural Way To Boost White Blood Cell Count

White blood cells are the most important part of our immune system; these cells are our body’s natural defense against bacterial and viral infection. These cells also are known as leukocytes. A natural white blood cell (WBC) count is usually between 4,000 to 10,500 WBC per micro-liter of blood. Those who have less than 3,500 or more are considered low WBC. Persons with less than 1,000 of WBC are considered extremely low and it’s an indicator of serious infection risk.

Feeding your body balanced and healthy food may help you to keep your immune system strong and increase its fighting power naturally. Add some immunity boosting foods in your meal and stay healthy and fit forever.

The following immunity boosting foods are bellow:

# Eat Yogurt

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Image Source– Eat Yogurt

According to the studies report, People taking probiotics had a powerful immune system than those who did not take them. The probiotics also help to boost the WBC count. Probiotics in yogurt are healthy bacteria that are very beneficial for the immune system. These probiotics help the body to produce antibodies and boost the White blood cells count.

# Add Garlic In Your Meal

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Image Source– Garlic

Garlic is one of the most flavorful foods that help to keep your immune system stronger and increase the efficiency of antibodies production. By consuming it regularly, you can not only boost your WBC count but also strengthen you’re all existing cells. According to a U.K. study, a daily consumer of garlic was two third less likely to catch a cold infection.

#Green Tea

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Image Source– Green Tea

Green tea is a complete pack of antioxidant that helps your body to fight against infection. A regular drinking of green tea can boost your immune system which encourages your body to create more white blood cells.

# Selenium

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Image Source– Selenium

According to the study of Maryland Medical Center University, Selenium can help to improve your white blood cells count naturally. Some other studies show that the selenium has the ability to fight with infection itself.

# Zinc

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Image Source– Zinc

Zinc makes your immune system aggressive while fighting against infection. In other words, zinc increases the number of fighting cells, encourages the white blood cells to produce more antibodies and helps the body to create more white blood cells that help your immune system to fight off cancer.

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7 Healthy Foods You Should Eat After A Workout To Build Muscle

It is so important to keep your body full of good nutrients especially after a workout because your body burns large amount of energy during a workout. Here is the list of 7 things which are highly rich in healthy nutrients. These nutrients help to build your muscle and good figure.

# 1. Eggs

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Healthy Food After A Workout – Eggs

Eggs are the complete protein source including amino acid for build muscles faster. The egg is one of the great foods to eat after the workout. It contains 70 calories and fully packed with 6.3 gm of healthy protein each. And it has one more amazing fact that it contains natural vitamin D.

# 2. Bananas

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Healthy Food After A Workout – Banana

Bananas are highly rich in good carbs which help to rebuild your damaged muscles and restore the glycogen level in your body. And bananas also contain wonderful potassium to build your muscle.

# 3. Orange Juice

7-Healthy-Foods-You-Should-Eat-After-A-Workout (6)
Healthy Food After A workout- Orange Juice

One regular glass of orange juice contains lot of potassium besides vitamin C. Potassium is much important nutrient to restore fluid levels in our body. Orange juice contains more potassium then a popular soft drink.

# 4. Quinoa

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Healthy Food After A Workout- Quinoa

Quinoa is the great source of carbs and all essential nutrients which needs our body. Brown rice is good in carbs but it less in nutrients and vitamins that found in quinoa.

#5. Kefir

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Healthy Food After A Workout- Kafir

Kefir is a fermented milk drink which made from probiotic bacteria. It is highly rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B. These nutrients help to build muscle fast and also help to reduce weight. Kafir is really a healthy drink you should drink it after a workout.

# 6. Blueberries

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Healthy Food After A Workout- Blueberries

These little berries are highly rich in antioxidant which helps to boost your body. After a Workout, these berries will help you to recovering fast.

#7.  Sweet Potatoes

7-Healthy-Foods-You-Should-Eat-After-A-Workout (8)
Healthy Food After A Workout- Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are the complete pack of nutrients. They are highly rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. They also contain vitamin E and dietary fibre and magnesium.

8 Healing Benefits Of Sun Exposure Everyone Should Know

Sunlight is much important for plants as well as human. Do you know, our health much depends on the Sun, but it’s not straight-forward. If you have soft skin and you spend a large amount of time on the Sun then you’ll easily burn and have more chances of getting cancer diseases. Each human body metabolize sunlight in a dissimilar way. In terms of many scientists, if you spend average time on the Sun, it would definitely outweigh its risks.

#1. Sun Exposure Make Your Night Sleep Better

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Sun Exposure- Night Sleep Better

When Sun rays hit your eyes, a message is sent to the pineal gland which is responsible for melatonin production, decrease its production until the Sun goes down again. Our Body receive a clear-cut message that night is no longer and this help to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. Low levels of melatonin production during the night due to the symbol of bad sleep.

#2. Sun Exposure Helps In Lowers Blood Pressure

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Sun Exposure- Lowers Blood Pressure

In a recent report of researchers that conducted at the university of Edinburgh, when human skin exposed to the sunlight, it releases a compound called nitric oxide that helps lower blood pressure.

#3. Sun Exposure Improves Your Bone Health

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Sun Exposure- Strengthen The Bone

Vitamin D is the mandatory key for the bone health. Sun rays are richer in vitamin D. Vitamin D encourage the absorption of bone stronger calcium and phosphorus in the body. That’s why sun exposure is most important for improve your bone health.

#4. Sun Exposure Reduces The Risk Of Cancers

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Sun Exposure- Reduce Risk Of Cancer

According to the report issued by the US National Cancer Institute that a large amount of sun exposure reduces the risk of cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and bladder cancer. Although a big amount of time exposure increase the risk of skin cancer. The vitamin D provided by the Sun rays can actually help to reduce the risk of cancers except skin cancer.

#5. Sun Exposure Helps You To Lose Weight

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Sun Exposure- Lose Weight

A large amount of serotonin in your body makes you feel happy as well as it helps to surpass the appetite. So you should avoid taking much food in warmer weather. For the best result, you need to go out for sunlight at least 3-4 times in a week to increase the level of vitamin-D

#6. Sun Exposure Boosts Your Immune System

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Sun Exposure- Boost Immune System

Do you know, Sunlight improves the production of the white blood cells, which help to boost your immune system and also prevent infection.


#7. Sun Exposure Helps To Increasing The Growth Of Children

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Sun Exposure- Increase The Growth And Height Of Babies

Regular exposure to the sun helps to increase the growth and height of babies or children.

#8. Sun Exposure Helps To Increase Oxygen In Blood

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Sun Exposure- Increase Oxygen In Blood

Exposure to Sun helps to increase the level of oxygen content in our blood. It also improves the capacity of the body to deliver oxygen to the tissues, more similar to the exercise’s effects.


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