The Quest Of The Missing Aircraft: AN 32

Antonov An-32 a twin-engines turboprop Indian Airforce transport aircraft went missing on Friday (July 22) with 29 people on board. The flight took off from Tambaram, near Chennai to Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (3)

It has been five days until today (July 26) there is no report of the aircraft. The Aircraft named “AN-32” that disappeared on Friday continues to be the object of a coordinated search and rescue operation launched by the Air Force, the Navy, and the Coast Guard.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (1)

Regardless of the intense search operation, no debris or survivors have been found…..13 Naval vessels, 2 Coast Guard ships and assets from Andaman and Nicobar Islands are engaged in the operation, but there is no good news.

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Several agencies, including National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and Indian National Centre for Ocean Information services (NCOIS), were coordinating the search operation. The search is done on the surface level. The ice- class research vessel “Sagar Nidhi” has been called from Mauritius for the search operation.

The-Quest-Of-The-Missing-Aircraft-AN-32 (5)

Referring to the absence of signals from the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ETL) of the aircraft has made the rescue task more difficult. The Indian Air Force and other agencies are putting enough resources into the search operation, and the search area had been increased from the initial 14,400 square nautical miles.

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Meanwhile, sources in the Air Force said the reason of the incident is too early to be discovered but indicated that weather could have played a role.

7 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies In India

“Who says Indians like only the “Desi Masala”??” then you should take a look at the top grossed Hollywood movies that were released in India. It was the thought that Indians only like the typical Desi drama—a happy ending love story where there is a boy from a lower background falls for a wealthy girl, and they fought for their love and at end they can cross all the hurdles and lives happily ever after with 2-3 romantic choreographed songs in between…!!

But…wait it’s not anymore, people are showing interest in actions, sci-fi, true stories and much more.

Here is the list of 10 most grossed Hollywood movies in India. Continue scrolling to check out…

#1. The Jungle book (2016)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (7)

This is on the top. You must be thinking this movie is for children but wait you must remember that cartoon which we used to watch in our childhood “Mowgli” this film is the modern version of that classic story with superb computer graphics, new dialogues and catchy songs, and it earned “250 crores” …big number!!

#2. Fast and Furious 7 (2015)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (3)

165 crores it is!!!. This is the most loved series of all the time for those who loves car and racing then this is it …this is for you. Paul Walker, who died in the between during the making of the movie in a car accident, was a shock, but you can see the bond between two friends which is shown in the movie.

#3. AVATAR (2009)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (2)

An entirely new concept. This movie has taken the sci-fi movies to a next level.

“Big blue humanoids” what a thought?? I don’t think as if I need to proceed with the plot description, but there are scenes and unique shots that pop with ethereal beauty. It earned 162 crores in India.

#4. Jurassic World (2015)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (4)

Ahh.. who don’t like the Jurassic movies??. It’s one of the favorite movies of everyone. It’s a fantastic movie, and it holds itself a thrilling experience for everyone. The gross collection was 150 crores.

#5. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (5)

It is one of the biggest action films that has been released in the last five years and one of the greatest comedies in the previous three years, and you can watch all your favourite superheroes in one movie. It’s All in One movie. With a collection of 112 crores.

#6. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (6)

And here comes the spider man, with 110 crores total gross collection in India. One of the most amazing superheroes of all time.

#7. 2012 (2009)

7-Highest-Grossing-Hollywood-Movies-In-India (1)

This movie will make you experience the real power of ‘mother nature’. Falling structures, jumping burning cars, planes falling and run to pull up a second before disaster approach, it was a real trip and a feast for the eyes and ears, and it’s also in the 100 crores club with a gross collection of 105 crores.

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Super Star Rajinikanth’s Kabali Full Movie Review & Business Report

Superstar is back as ‘Kabali’, a film directed by Pa. Ranjith is framed as a gangster revenge drama including other stars Radhika Apte, Dhanshika and Kalaiarasan.

# Kabali Box Office Collection Of Friday/Saturday – Worldwide.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (7)

Rajini’s Kabali beats The Prabhas’s Movie ‘Baahubali’ to become the all-time biggest Indian opener.

It has been the most anticipated film throughout the country and with its release on 22nd July 2016 it collected remarkable digits  i.e. 70 crores on its first day worldwide with breaking all box office records was really incredible.

On Saturday (Second Day) Kabali entered in the 100 cr. club very easily, by crossed the figure of Rs. 132* crors Worldwide earnings.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (5)
Affectionately known as Thalaivar (The boss), has gigantic fan base across the country as well as in the international market because of his electrifying performances. Therefore now the fans have Kabali mania which was apparent on the first day of release in 12000 screens including both India and overseas.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (4)
In South India, it was declared holiday by some of the companies and even gave their employee tickets to watch the film only to avoid a bundle of leave applications for that day to the HR department.

In the US it was the magnificent start as in just two hours advance booking for the tickets were full and love for the superstar Rajinikanth was captivating.

Airline Air Asia had a special flight from Bangalore to Chennai for 180 passengers serving Rajinikanth’s favorite food and fan’s Kabali fever made them to pay 7,860 rupees for the first day first show in Chennai.

Super-Star-Rajinikanth-As-Kabali-Box-Office-Collection-Worldwide,-Movie-Review (1)
According to the producer ‘Kalaipuli’ S Thanu, superstar Rajinikanth has become the impregnable Indian actor of all the time.

7 Super Foods That Every Women Should Eat At The Age Of 30

Women are special!  They are different than men, a woman’s nutritional needs are more accurate than a man’s. They have a unique nutritional requirement to keep them healthy, energized and focused, especially as the age of 30.

As you work like a superwoman and play a tough role in your life, so you should bite more. Here’s  a great list of super foods which help you to get everything that you need to fuel that beautiful, wonderful, womanly body, that every woman should include in her diet.

#1. Parmesan Cheese For Healthy Bones

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (3)

Osteoporosis commonly occurs after the age of 30, and calcium is the primary solution that fights against this disease and help to prevent it. Parmesan cheese is full of calcium and contains rich protein, vitamins, and lots of essential minerals. A single bite of it can give you 340 mg of calcium.

#2. Eat Apple Daily

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (4)

Red And Sweet Apples contains a compound called quercetin that works as a natural antioxidant. This compound has disease-fighting abilities and boosts your immune system as well. According to a recent study report, people who had enough quercetin in their diet they overcome the respiratory infection in just two weeks compared those who didn’t eat.

#3. Lentils Help In Restore Iron

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (5)

Lentils are highly rich in protein and an excellent source of iron. About 15 percent of young women suffer from low iron stores that cause of anemia. Several studies found that if women who have not sufficient amount of iron in their body had weaker in skill test in compared to those who have enough in iron stores.

#4. Broccoli Work As A Wrinkles Fighter.

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (6)

Broccoli is an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin c. As it contains vitamin c, it boosts your skin cells to produce enough collagen which enhances the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Broccoli also contains a compound named beta – carotene, after taken it into your body, your digestive enzyme transforms it into Vitamin A.

#5. Potatoes: A Full Pack Of Healthy Carbs

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (7)

Potatoes hold a fat burning compound named as resistant starch that fights with your excess weight efficiently. It contains enough amount of potassium than bananas, which help to lower the risk of heart diseases by lowering your blood pressure.

#6. Spinach Is Full of Nutrients

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (1)

This green leafy vegetable is a great source of vitamin K. It also contains calcium and magnesium, a perfect combo that helps to slow down the breakdown of bones. Two anti-cancer epoxy xanthophylls are found in a full amount into the spinach.

#7. Dark Chocolate Prevents Many Disease And Fight With Stress.

7-Foods-That-Every-Women-Should-Eat-At-The-Age-Of-30 (2)

A report issued by the European Researchers revealed that people who consumed an ounce and a half of dark chocolate for every day lowered the production of stress hormone and reported feeling less frazzled.

Surprising Facts: What Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Bath For A Weak?

No Water! No Soap! No Shampoo! What happen to your body?

You are probably going to a couple of days without showering or maybe a week. But, have you ever wondered about what happen if you don’t bath for an entire month or even the year?

So let’s talk about your skin. Your mind knows this, but even when it’s clean. Do you know? It’s crawling with little germy passengers and up to 1000 species of bacteria enjoying the life on your skin along with 80 types of fungus.

So here we are going to show you what happen if you don’t bath regularly. Continue scrolling to find out the facts…

#1. Bad Bacteria Enjoying Life On Your Skin

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (1)

Around 1000 species of bacteria enjoying their life on your milky skin. But not all bacteria is bad, most of them are good for us, they take up real estate on our skins and effectively remove off the bad bacteria from our skin and break down the skin flows to create natural moisturisers. Whenever you don’t bath for a couple of days, the bad bacteria becomes more powerful and get active to make you fall sick.

#2. Bacterial Skin Infections

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (6)

If you don’t bath regularly, it makes easier for germs and harmful bacteria that cause bacterial infections on your skin too.So preventing infection is one reason to having bath regularly.

#3. Dirt, Sweat And Oil

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (5)

If you skip your bath than dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and oil will start to humiliate us. If you have some kind of skin secretion like acne and folliculitis, then dirtiness on your skin make them worse.

#4. Dermatitis Neglecta

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (3)

If you skip bathing for long can formed scaly patches all over your body. Dermatologists call this  condition “Dermatitis Neglecta.”

#5. Body Odor

What-Happen-To-Your-Body-When-You-Don't-Shower-For-A-Weak (4)

Bad smell from your body, It’s caused when harmful bacteria break down the chemical compounds in sweated and produce nasty smell by chemical products. So escaping from the shower can cause bad odor also.

Watch here the full video:


Image Credit : The Huffington Post

Requirements For Being An Aspiring Air Hostess.

Air hostess is one of the most highly placed professions in our country. Young boys and girls who get this role get a good pay cheque at the before the end of every month along with lucrative perks which they enjoy the most. Along with that, they also further get to travel to their dream destinations and got to stay in the best of the hotels.

Cabin Crew gets very close their coworkers and every with high profiles passengers and forms a high level of comradeship.  Further, at times close friendship turns up into a relationship too.

Since they are the right ppl, so they cautiously take care of their body and health. They do a good amount of study for lifestyle and healthy living too.

Requirements-For-Being-An-Aspiring-Air-Hostess (1)

So what is required to live up this shot of life:

  • Intermediate education
  • Height with proportionate weight
  • Pleasing personality/healthy body
  • No scars on face, arms and legs
  • Appropriate vision
  • Healthy Hair
  • Good language

Well, if you fulfill the criteria as mentioned above then you could be the host to welcome the passengers on the Sky Plane.

Wait a minute above and all is the aptitude, logical and reasoning are the fundamental prerequisite for this profile too. Which a person can develop, through various means of internet and through watching videos or even the movies based on the aviation?

Once they are aspiring person goes through the preliminary training either, though himself or through an aviation training institutes, then he or she shall make certainly encoder that a part of above hard and soft skill “attitude” plays an essential role to get the person enroll.

Reference – Flying Colors

Too Much Or Fast Brushing Can Be Harmful To Your Teeth, Here’s Why?

We all think that we know the proper way to brush our teeth. We occasionally use mouthwash and even floss to clean our mouth deep.  But are we really follow the right way to brush our teeth?

Do you know? Too much and very fast brushing can affect your teeth and even make them worse. The dentist experts recommend us to brush our teeth twice in a day so that we won’t harm our teeth. Now you think that how fast brushing can harm your teeth. So, let’s find out what will happen if you brush your teeth very quickly and inappropriate way.

# Brushing too hard is not as good as you think.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (2)

Brushing too hard can damage your teeth and take away the pretty enamel that guards them and makes them stay white.

# It can damage your gums

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (3)

Vigorous brushing can damage your gum tissue, and cause of developing the recession.

# An angled toothbrush

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (9)

Always prefer to use an angled toothbrush to reduced the pressure on your teeth if you are brushing your teeth really too hard.

# Don’t fight with them

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (4)

Brushing your teeth like you’re having a grave war with them.

# Tooth Abrasion

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (8)

Most people are suffering from this problem of brushing too hard and cause to grow up a serious issue described as tooth abrasion.

# Too much caring about teeth can damage your teeth.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (6)

Most people think that brushing each time after having their meal can keep their teeth clean and healthy. Unfortunately, they think wrong; Dentist recommends us brushing twice a day.

# If you brush your teeth very fast, then go for soft bristles.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (1)

# Don’t brush forcefully.

Too-Much-Or-Fast-Brushing-Can-Be-Harmful-To-Your-Teeth (5)

Watch the video below for more info:


6 Easy Yoga Poses For Reduce Anxiety And Depression

According to a report published by the Anxiety and Depression Association Of America, About 40 million adults in U.S. suffer from anxiety and depression. Yeah! You can say, it is the most common mental disorder in the country. If you are the one of those 40 million and finding some solution to relieve from it. Here is the answer, The only best solution is “YOGA.” Yes! It is the only great way to reduce your anxiety and depression level.

Here are 6 best easy-to-do yoga poses that will help you to fight with your stress and depression. Just follow the poses step by step and perform every day whenever possible.

You don’t need to attend any class, yoga pants, or any particular time to do these poses. No! not at all…nothing is required to perform these asanas. You can do these Yoga asanas at home, office, ground everywhere, whenever you feel anxious and depressed, even you can do these poses in your office lunch time.

#1. Cat-Cow ( Marjaiasana) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (2)

#2. Extended Puppy ( Uttana Shishosana) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (5)

#3. Forward Fold ( Uttanasana) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (6)

#4. Legs-Up-The-Wall ( Viparita Karani) Yoga Pose

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (3)

#5. Child’s Pose – Balasana

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (1)

#6. Pigeon – Kapotasana

6-Easy-Yoga-Poses-For-Reduce-Anxiety-And-Depression (4)


Ever Wondered Why Number Pad On Phones And Calculators Have Reversed Layouts? Here’s Why?

Have you ever wondered that why number pad on phones and calculator are in reversed layouts? Interesting question, Right? Phones have 1-2-3 on the top row, while calculators have 1-2-3 on the bottom row. Why was this pattern adopted? Is there any logic behind it?

Let’s see, what’s the reason behind it?

The early 1900s rotary telephones which were invented in the US.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (3)

The number pad on this phone had holes with the number contained from 1-9 and then 0 after the number 9.

By the 60s, The keypad telephones were developed.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (5)

Before push-button phones were officially released…

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (7)

Before the released of push-button phones, they performed lots of studies on how to arrange the numbers that there will be fewer possibilities of error while dialing.

According to the applied psychology, people arrange the figures in order in which they usually read them.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (1)

Then the companies realized that there would be a lot of patterns to arrange these numbers, like…

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (8)

But they adopt the logical ones that the people would expect.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (9)

Later a study conducted by the Belly lab in the 1960s,

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (6)

As per the study report, People preferred a pattern that involved two horizontal rows of numbers. Apparently, it is the quickest way and had fewer possibilities of dialing errors.

The first handheld calculator was invented in Texas, In 1967.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (10)

In this device, they placed the buttons that had the numbers in reversed order like, 7-8-9 on the top row and 1-2-3 on the bottom row. Complete reversed pattern of phones’ Number pad. Hopefully, this design was inspired by the desktop adding machines.

But now, we have two standardized Number patterns and are used to it.

Ever-Wondered-Why-Number-Pad-On-Phones-And-Calculators-Have-Reversed-Layouts (2)

The most Shocking Confession Of An Air Hostess

I remember the bittering cold weather of Moscow and it’s been around midnight that we were scheduled to operate the flight to Hongkong. As usual, the flight was full, and we were all set. Somehow my body didn’t feel comfortable in the severe cold weather, which eventually led me to get irritated throughout the layover. Though I was bit relaxed that I shall soon be in a very comfortable environment of an Asian Pacific Reason.

After successful flight boarding, we closed the door for engine startup. Soon the captain through the PA conveyed that due to the heavy snowfall we are being delayed for some time and shortly after clearance from the ATC, he shall be requested to push back. Eventually, which happened with no further delay.

In a few minutes, the big bird started kissing the white sky, and we were busy with our services and duties. A Chinese passenger who was sitting in the aisle seat had requested for a black aerated drink (Coke) after the service of soft drinks.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (5)

I told him to serve within minutes, as I was out of coke. I went to the galley and asked the galley-in-charge to get me a coke; she checked the soft drink cabinet, and we realized that we are running out of its stock.

I took other soft drinks and offered him politely, while informing that we have got over with the coke. While peeping in his eyes, I realized that he is quite uneasy and through his gesture, he directed me to leave immediately in a very disrespecting manner. However, I requested him kindly to accept any of the flavor and apologised for not being able to serve him with his choice.

He abruptly refused and told me to get lost.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (4)

I felt bad and went straight to the galley; my colleague could notice all this and accompanied me till galley. She kept her hand on my hand for conciliation.

After some time we rolled out the cart and begun with Meal service, my colleague asked that Chinese Gentleman about his choice of meal. He told her that he never takes his meal without a coke, therefore, not to ask him about the meal.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (6)

Listening to him, they both moved back and realized that being a long haul flight he must be fed.
While placing the meal cart back in the Galley, she noticed the leftover coke in few used glasses which got collected back from passengers.
She collected that in one glass and went to that passenger and told him that she could manage to offer one glass of coke.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (1)

The Passenger got happy and asked her if he could get a meal too.

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