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These Little-Known Airlines Rules That Could Make Your Journey Safe And Enjoyable

Uhhh…let me figure it out, that what is essential for the people how take an airplane to travel from one distance to another is quite evident by following:

  • Safety
  • Service

Whatever be the former one is the most crucial one, which in turn leads to making any scope for the second one to get accommodated. In the recent past, we have quite frequently been loaded up with unforeseen events. Well, to my intelligence I am sure about that the mushrooming of new airlines firms, which got inducted in the across geography of India shall certainly keep a strong check and compliance on the day by day functioning of flights along with their human and material sources too.

Now, since you have limited resources available to get in every detail of the airlines operated. We got to relay on the people and the mechanism of the land.

Check out these important airlines rules bellow:

Airlines Rule #1.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (1)

While boarding the flight we need to ensure that we must read the instruction given to us well and adhere to it.

Airlines Rule #2.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (3)

Air hostess is the God in the midst of an emergency, which could be medical or accidental. Passengers must listen to her very meticulously and religiously without fail. For an instance in the very recent one in Dubai airport emirates crash was the fatal one. It was the commendable efforts of these cute young girls who put in their earnest endeavor and timely evacuated the big jumbo machine.

What an imaging demonstration of the skills at the real time scenario. Bravo ..Bravo..Bravo

Airlines Rule #3.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (4)

Ignore above rules.

Would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the onboard crew members and the group support teams including the ATC team for giving calm and compose instructions while the aircraft being on the stage of an emergency for being the victor.