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Regaining Weight Is Bad For Your Health, Here’s Why?

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Even after dieting and losing weight, the body tends to try its best to regain the lost fat stores this is shown in many types of research. Holiday time seems to be tough for those who are seeking to stay trim. Most people will regain weight after they lose it.Young people tend to regain weight in the proportion they lose it.

Today’s generation takes easy steps to lose their weight by taking supplements. But they don’t know it can affect the hormones of the body, in fact, they are good in fat losing results but as well as they are bad for health and after sometimes human body starts to regain weight because these products do not work for long, and they cause for bad health.

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In many studies it is shown that regaining weight is a major problem for women as compared to men because of their schedule women give less focus on their body if once they lose weight, they become less caring about their body which tends to regain weight

For avoiding regaining of weight, every human should follow a healthy diet and give at least one hour to exercise and running do natural workout and avoid artificial things of losing weight 30 mins of walk every day can make you fit forever.


Here are The Reasons Why Your Biceps Don’t Grow Properly? Must Read!

Although many fitness and bodybuilding experts who guide to achieve killer body by pulling and pressing but many times the same techniques may not work for others to get remarkable biceps.

This is very common problem that most men face while they are gymming or workout. The result of exercise or gymming can be seen in the other parts of the body like chest, shoulders, legs, etc. but most of the time your biceps remain small.

There are so many reasons why your biceps don’t grow. Continue scrolling to check out:

#1. Restriction of movement


If you set the limit of your movement while gymming, this will cause to destroy your muscles tissues which are responsible for your muscles growth.

#2. Lack of proper motion


Improper movement while working out can include negative parts, which cause to slower your growth.

#3. Incorrect Directions


At the time of learning exercise, pay attention to the trainer and follow him as doing the things in a proper direction and correct way. Because if you the doing your exercise in an improper direction, you’ll never get the killer body and your hard work might go waste.

#4. Following others


Apparently, this is the most common mistake that one can do while working out. Because all around you is on a different level of shape, so don’t imitate their movement and exercise.

#5. Uplift weights ahead one’s capacity


Guys who are in a hurry to get instant growth they try to lift heavy weight beyond their potential strength. But it’s utterly worthless, and not only hamper growth but also cause pain.

#6. “More is Better” Is Not Good For All Time


Doing exercises in a proper way and lifting weights within your capacity, only then the slogan “more is better.” is good for you.

#7. Don’t feel insecure


Many people have better muscle than you not only in the fitness club but also outside.  So just focus on your personal growth rather than being embarrassed by looking those guys who have better muscles than you.

10 Vegetarian Foods To Increase Muscle Mass Rapidly

Since we know that our looks play a vital role in our life and to look good, we need to have a good physique. That’s the reason why youth is attracted towards the gym. Since the gym rule says that diet is equally important as Exercise. This article is a treat to read for those who are vegetarian.

Gym rule says the intake of carbohydrates and proteins should be equal to the twice of your body weight.

Check out the list of vegetarian foods to increase your muscle mass fast.

#1. Peanut


Peanut is an excellent source of protein. It also contains some health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which are good for healing the muscles.

#2. Sweet potato


Potato is a great source of carbohydrates. So is advised to have boiled potato before a workout. If you don’t like a plain potato, you can have them with curd.

#3. Whey Protein


Whey protein quickly digests and absorbs by your body; there is an element named casein that is allowing its component amino acids to reach your muscle rapidly. Also, help in repair or rebuild your muscle.
It is commonly available in the market as a dairy product. It is advised to take whey protein with milk if you are in a gaining phase.

#4. Brown Rice


Brown rice is a rich source of carbohydrates. It is easily available in the market. It is recommended to have brown rice twice a day.

#5. Tofu– Bean Curd


Tofu– also known as bean curd is a plant based complete protein source. It is also recommended just because of the presence of saturated fats in it.

#6. Oatmeal


Oats is rich in carbohydrates. It is also easy to digest. It is recommended to have oats early in the morning as it is a good way to start your day.

#7. Yogurt


Yogurt is a protein rich food. Bacterial fragmentation of milk produces it. It is a non-fat source of protein. It is advised to have yogurt before a workout.

#8. Bananas


Banana is among the world’s most popular fruits. It is the most recommended food for a gainer because of its carbohydrate value. It can be taken as direct or with milk as a shake.

#9. Cheese (Non-Fat Mozzarella)


It is a good and easy source of protein. It contains 32 g of proteins in 100 g. It is best suited to those who like dairy products and can eat it twice or thrice a day.

#10. Kidney beans


Kidney beans contain 22.8% carbs, in the form of fiber. They are also high in proteins. It is recommended to have boiled beans to take maximum out of it.

8 Simple Yet Useful Tips To Stay Healthy

Reducing weight and staying healthy is one of the biggest task in today era. But still not impossible. Young generation always go for shortcuts and oldies don’t want to try anymore. P.S- people are not in favor of doing exercises, gyming and each and every activity that needs some hard work. There are some tips which might help you to stay fit. Lets see what are they.

1. Don’t depend on others for your small things.

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Things like serving food, taking a glass of water, cleaning your own room, mobbing and sometimes can actually burn some good amt of calories and can help you to stay fit.

2. Walk Walk and Walk.

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Walking is the best thing one can do for staying healthy. It will make your mind relaxed. Will help in reducing the weight too.

3. Sleep well and on time.

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More you sleep late, more you are prone to fatness. Sleep on time and early rising is the first but an important step to start anything good.

4. Eat but in break.

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Many people thinks that eating is the major reason of fatness. But that’s wrong. Eating isn’t an issue at all. Eat but in break. Don’t eat everything in once. But eat after some time gap.

5. Make a schedule

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Make a regular schedule like sleeping time, waking time, eating time, walking time. It will surely help you.

6. Do some meditation


Whenever you get some time, do some meditation. It will give you some positive energy and will boost you up for sure.

7. Eat good, live good

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Eating isn’t an issue unless you are taking care of what you are eating. If you eat good, you will live good. Try to have some green vegetables in your meal.

8. Stay happy

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Last but not the least, stay happy. If you live happy, your health will be automatically good. Your 80% of the disease will be recovered by your own happiness.

These were some simple yet very useful tips. Did we miss anything ? If yes please do share.