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These Little-Known Airlines Rules That Could Make Your Journey Safe And Enjoyable

Uhhh…let me figure it out, that what is essential for the people how take an airplane to travel from one distance to another is quite evident by following:

  • Safety
  • Service

Whatever be the former one is the most crucial one, which in turn leads to making any scope for the second one to get accommodated. In the recent past, we have quite frequently been loaded up with unforeseen events. Well, to my intelligence I am sure about that the mushrooming of new airlines firms, which got inducted in the across geography of India shall certainly keep a strong check and compliance on the day by day functioning of flights along with their human and material sources too.

Now, since you have limited resources available to get in every detail of the airlines operated. We got to relay on the people and the mechanism of the land.

Check out these important airlines rules bellow:

Airlines Rule #1.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (1)

While boarding the flight we need to ensure that we must read the instruction given to us well and adhere to it.

Airlines Rule #2.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (3)

Air hostess is the God in the midst of an emergency, which could be medical or accidental. Passengers must listen to her very meticulously and religiously without fail. For an instance in the very recent one in Dubai airport emirates crash was the fatal one. It was the commendable efforts of these cute young girls who put in their earnest endeavor and timely evacuated the big jumbo machine.

What an imaging demonstration of the skills at the real time scenario. Bravo ..Bravo..Bravo

Airlines Rule #3.

These-Little-Known-Airlines-Rules-That-Could-Make-Your-Journey-Safe  (4)

Ignore above rules.

Would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the onboard crew members and the group support teams including the ATC team for giving calm and compose instructions while the aircraft being on the stage of an emergency for being the victor.

The most Shocking Confession Of An Air Hostess

I remember the bittering cold weather of Moscow and it’s been around midnight that we were scheduled to operate the flight to Hongkong. As usual, the flight was full, and we were all set. Somehow my body didn’t feel comfortable in the severe cold weather, which eventually led me to get irritated throughout the layover. Though I was bit relaxed that I shall soon be in a very comfortable environment of an Asian Pacific Reason.

After successful flight boarding, we closed the door for engine startup. Soon the captain through the PA conveyed that due to the heavy snowfall we are being delayed for some time and shortly after clearance from the ATC, he shall be requested to push back. Eventually, which happened with no further delay.

In a few minutes, the big bird started kissing the white sky, and we were busy with our services and duties. A Chinese passenger who was sitting in the aisle seat had requested for a black aerated drink (Coke) after the service of soft drinks.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (5)

I told him to serve within minutes, as I was out of coke. I went to the galley and asked the galley-in-charge to get me a coke; she checked the soft drink cabinet, and we realized that we are running out of its stock.

I took other soft drinks and offered him politely, while informing that we have got over with the coke. While peeping in his eyes, I realized that he is quite uneasy and through his gesture, he directed me to leave immediately in a very disrespecting manner. However, I requested him kindly to accept any of the flavor and apologised for not being able to serve him with his choice.

He abruptly refused and told me to get lost.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (4)

I felt bad and went straight to the galley; my colleague could notice all this and accompanied me till galley. She kept her hand on my hand for conciliation.

After some time we rolled out the cart and begun with Meal service, my colleague asked that Chinese Gentleman about his choice of meal. He told her that he never takes his meal without a coke, therefore, not to ask him about the meal.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (6)

Listening to him, they both moved back and realized that being a long haul flight he must be fed.
While placing the meal cart back in the Galley, she noticed the leftover coke in few used glasses which got collected back from passengers.
She collected that in one glass and went to that passenger and told him that she could manage to offer one glass of coke.

The-most-Shocking-Confession-Of-An-Air-Hostess (1)

The Passenger got happy and asked her if he could get a meal too.

Air Hostess Fall In The Billionaire Club

She was told on the flight that “you don’t know me, I am Mr X and, I know your Owner Mr Y quite well, therefore, you better listen to my request and let me get upgraded to Business class”(The passenger was too stiff with his nose). While she heard him calmly and politely responded: “ Well, once it’s 37, 000 feet up in the air and while in consideration of the safety and security of my passengers, I have not left with any kind of scope to entertain your peculiar request”.

Absolutely yes, that is one hundred percent correct, she literally owns the Big Jambo Jet, once it partway the clouds to fly high!!

This is not surprising to anyone that once Aircraft is 10 to 11 Kilometer up above the ground, were the owners of the airlines can’t get access to take a vital decision, then who is gonna steal the show when the need arises.


 Her billion dollar confidence too plays a leading role to ensure the proper decorum inside the aircraft is maintained, through out the flight, irrespective of the distance or altitude. No wonder, the moment the first time traveler comes in her contact,he/she never leaves any opportunity to talk to or to get served by these flying models without any miss.

This indicates that an air hostess is the one who justifies her 10 years of salary with the first ever flight as an attendant. Indeed, she acts as a magnet to many  people across demographic and geographical locations.

Everyone tries to locate their own loved one in her; a little angel girl finds her mother in her; a young adult boy foresees a future life partner in her. However, older people look for a match for their high profile Son,considering him as most eligible bachelor on earth, who is only who deserves such picture prefect beauties .
A little tilted hat on her head might be on, which undoubtedly is a sign of Air Hostess, on the contrary, she dons many of her duties.