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Connection Between HINDUISM And VEDAS

“The four Vedas- The repository of knowledge and religious truths- Are the word of God”.- By Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

Vedas are the great source of knowledge and a collection of sacred texts about the Hindu religion and mythology.

The four models forming the traditional body of Indian scripture makes up the Vedas. The oldest and significant is – The Rig-Veda.

The other three are-

The Sama-Veda, The Yajur-Veda and The Atharva-Veda.

The Vedas are the actual collection of the knowledge and information which are the basis for mythology; it contains the hymns and verses which are directed towards several God and Goddesses.

#1. The Rig-Veda


The Rig-Veda contains hymns which are the remainder of the ancient cultural heritage and the point of pride for Hindus.

#2. The Sama-Veda


The Sama-Veda is the Veda of Melodies and Chants. The Indian Classical Music and Dance are rooted in the sonic and musical dimensions of the Sama Veda.

#3. The Yajur-Veda


The Yajur-Veda is a collection of the mantras which is used in rituals that are said by the priest. It is also called the Veda of “Prose Mantras.”

#4. The Atharva-Veda


The Atharva-Veda gives the knowledge about the approach to everyday life. It is also known as the “Veda of Magical formulas,” like remedy from medicinal herbs, speculations on the nature of man good and evil.

Requirements For Being An Aspiring Air Hostess.

Air hostess is one of the most highly placed professions in our country. Young boys and girls who get this role get a good pay cheque at the before the end of every month along with lucrative perks which they enjoy the most. Along with that, they also further get to travel to their dream destinations and got to stay in the best of the hotels.

Cabin Crew gets very close their coworkers and every with high profiles passengers and forms a high level of comradeship.  Further, at times close friendship turns up into a relationship too.

Since they are the right ppl, so they cautiously take care of their body and health. They do a good amount of study for lifestyle and healthy living too.

Requirements-For-Being-An-Aspiring-Air-Hostess (1)

So what is required to live up this shot of life:

  • Intermediate education
  • Height with proportionate weight
  • Pleasing personality/healthy body
  • No scars on face, arms and legs
  • Appropriate vision
  • Healthy Hair
  • Good language

Well, if you fulfill the criteria as mentioned above then you could be the host to welcome the passengers on the Sky Plane.

Wait a minute above and all is the aptitude, logical and reasoning are the fundamental prerequisite for this profile too. Which a person can develop, through various means of internet and through watching videos or even the movies based on the aviation?

Once they are aspiring person goes through the preliminary training either, though himself or through an aviation training institutes, then he or she shall make certainly encoder that a part of above hard and soft skill “attitude” plays an essential role to get the person enroll.

Reference – Flying Colors

An Untold Story Of Air Hostess-“Her Heart Is The Utmost Essential Factor”

They say, don’t ask a woman, how old is she? The reason I could figure it out in a book “Flying Colors” that she doesn’t live for self. After reading the book, I am totally surprised by their living style. Actually, they live for all and love to all.

Reference- Flying Colors

Her heart is the utmost essential factor

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor (1)

The most essential ingredient that made her such a person of selfless and compassionate nature is her heart. First and foremost, initially she has to go through a rigorous interview process before donning this stylo uniform of an air hostess, after that comes the day and night training and blood sucking safety drills.

During training loads of focus is on developing the capability in the Air hostess. Which is the key distinguishing feature?

She is a born leader

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor (3)

Well, 37 thousand feet up, passengers walked up and said, I know the lead management of your Airlines, how dare you can’t serve me my choice of meal.
Air hostess very compassionately extends her apology and offered him the another meal. Which he refuses and makes a hue and cry.

Keep the gravity of the situation she tells him in oil firm words that “ right now I am the owner of the Aircraft” and commands the person to remain in his shoes

She is a self-motivator

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor (2)

She doesn’t need reasons to smile or shed a giggle. Even small little activities which go unnoticed makes her get going and gives her the reason to smile and be happy.

She loves all!

Flying-Colors-Her-Heart-Is The-Utmost-Essential-Factor

She loves kids and the senior citizens and prefers to talk to them and relish their company. That’s why they say, either call Air hostess or an Angel. They both are same.


Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Not Change Your Surname After Marriage

After the marriage, a lady leaves her house, adapt all new changes such as calling her in-law’s mom dad, devotes her entire life to her spouse and his family and leaves her every old thing like clothing style, behavior, the way of living and even her surname.  But why surname? Does she really need to do so? A big NO! Here are some reasons which will tell you why you shouldn’t change your surname after marriage.

#1. It’s your identity

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (5)

Your name is not just a name but your identity, and you don’t need to change it at any cost.

#2. You don’t like his surname

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (6)

It may happen that you don’t like his surname and hence don’t want to change it.

#3. You love your maiden name

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (1)

You love your maiden name and don’t want to replace it as you’re in love with your name.

#4. Too much paperwork

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (1)

The paperwork is too much and hectic to handle, and you are pretty much good with your real name so what’s the deal?

#5. It’s a stereotype thinking

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (4)

It is actually a stereotype thinking that a girl needs to change her name after marriage, and you completely agree to it.

#6. You are self-obsessed

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (2)

Me! Me! Me! I even don’t like to change the curtains against my will so how can I change my surname? If you can relate it to yourself 😉

#7. You will go through Identity Crisis

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (3)

You will have to change it from social media and other places which may lead to an identity crisis.

#8. You don’t need a reason for it

Reasons-Why-You-Should-Not-Change-Your-Surname-After-Marriage (2)

Last but not the least; you really don’t need any reason for not changing your surname after marriage as it’s actually irritating to leave your name with which you lived your 26-28 years, and you are really not prepared for it.

These were some reasons which say that you don’t need to change your surname after marriage. Please share your views on it. We will highly appreciate your valuable feedback.

10 Reasons Why Being A Teenager Is The Most Difficult Time Of Your Life

Being a teenager is no easy feat with school, growing up and planning for the future to do. But here are the ten reasons why being a teenager is truly the worst.

#1. Body image & self-esteem problems

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (5)

You’ve spent very few years in your body, and it’s going through so many changes, and the media makes you believe that you look way worse than acceptable and overall it’s just a struggle trying to find that your body is truly beautiful.

#2. Importance of grades

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (8)

You have countless people telling you numerous things about how important your grades are and how they expect a lot of you. It’s also stressful to keep your grades up if you’re not interested in your subjects and have chosen them as per your parents’ decision. You’ll meet people who don’t believe in you, and you’ll have to deal with it gracefully.

#3. Having to make decisions that can potentially affect you front the rest of your life.

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (4)

Choosing your subjects, writing national exams which choose your university and selecting your college major is tough. They’re decisions, as many people would have already lectured you, that will affect you for the rest of your life, and they will expect you to make the right decision although they believe that you cannot even be trusted to return home a little later than 9 pm.

#4. Hormones

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (1)

Hormones that make zits pop on your face, hormones that make you grow hair in weird places and hormones that make your think about the opposite sex. They’re stressful, they’re weird, and they’re not going anywhere so you’ll have to learn to control them and keep your head up as they change.

#5. Dealing with parents

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (6)

Regardless of whether you have overbearing strict parents or chill parents, you’ll still have moments when you feel like they don’t understand half the things you’re going through. Regardless, remember that they love you and try your best to get along.

#6. Prioritizing

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (9)

At 17, it’s difficult to prioritise between your favourite school sport, managing your grades, social life, sleep and that guy or girl you like. But you’ll be expected to juggle everything like a pro until one day, you really do.

#7. Constant lack of sleep & lethargy

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (3)

It’s been proven that teenagers do indeed feel more sleepy and lethargic because of the bodily changes the undergo and unfortunately, this time, will coincide with the time that you’re supposed to be making the most of your life and building the foundation to your adulthood.

#8. Young love

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (2)

Puppy love and young relationships can be tough as both partners are undergoing a myriad of changes. It’s also difficult when you may have to move away for college etc. and end things. Recovering from your first heartbreak will be tough but necessary.

#9. Not being taken seriously

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (7)

Because teenagers are known to be temperamental and moody, they often not taken seriously. You’re believed to be an impulsive and immature person and often, people won’t take you seriously no matter how good your insight purely because of your age. And this will be frustrating, but you will have to take it in your stride.

#10. An adult but not so

10-Reasons-Why-Being-A-Teenager-Is-The-Most-Difficult-Time-Of-Your-Life (10)

Often, you’ll hear adults telling you how you’re old enough so you should be able to this and that yourself but then you’ll hear them saying that you can’t attend that party, you’ve been dying to visit because you’re too young. It will be hypocritical and ironic, but it is what it is.

So if you’re a teen, realise that this too shall pass, and you’ll turn into a beautiful adult and feel better soon.


11 Amazing Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 30!

The life we have is short, and we can’t do everything in one life. But, here’s a list of 11 things you got to do before you turn 30; trust us, you’ll thank us later.

#1. Stop caring about other people’s opinions & living for social media.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (9)

We live an era where everybody’s lives seem to be going perfectly except ours. Instagram makes us jealous of people’s relationships and vacation pictures while Twitter shows us the pictures of people’s new cars and homes. Understand that you’re comparing your bloopers to someone else’s highlight reel. Nobody was, is and ever will be perfect. We all have things to deal with, and we’ll never share that part of our lives with the world. Also, what people think of us is none of our business. Learn to satisfy and please yourself and exceed your expectations rather than worrying about the opinions of others.

#2. Vote

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (7)

Whichever country you’re from, vote at least once. You should be able to say, with pride, that you’re an educated individual capable of understanding politics who has taken a decision to contribute to your country’s betterment to the best of your knowledge.

#3. Attend your favourite artist’s concert.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (4)

You may not age significantly immediately after 30, but surely, life will catch up. You may be at the peak of your career in your thirties or married or busy with children. You may have ageing parents to take care of or business trips to attend. Or simply, you may not be up for rocking at a live concert anymore and instead prefer to retire to bed with a cd playing in the background. So make the effort. Attend the show and have lots of fun and a great story to tell.

#4. Take a trip with you best friend or if you prefer, alone.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (5)

Travelling is an eye-opening experience everybody deserves. If you have a special group of friends, it may be enjoyable for them. If you’re someone who values solitude, then travel alone. But travel. It will give you time to reflect. To see what others don’t. To feel small compared to the rest of the world. To see problems much bigger than yours. The travels will end, but the memories last forever.

#5. Learn a language you were always fascinated with.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (8)

Maybe French has always had a special affinity to you or Hindi has a soft spot in your heart. Regardless, learn a foreign language. You may never use it, but surely, you’ll learn that words which do not exist in the languages you do know, and it will be a beautiful journey.

#6. Save

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (10)

You have to. You need to. You must.

#7. Splurge

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (11)

You deserve to. You want to. You can. But only once in a while to reward yourself. And only on things you truly think are worth it. You can’t be spending your hard earned money on expensive restaurants to impress society or designer dresses if they don’t make you happy.

#8. Learn an essential life skill.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (6)

If you don’t know how to swim or ride a bike or pitch a tent, shame on you. It’s not guaranteed you’ll need the skill. But it is guaranteed that if you do need it and you don’t know then, regret is all you’ll have.

#9. Cook

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (2)

Everyone should know how to make their favourite meal. Or a meal to feed someone when they come over. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey. You should know how to feed yourself and others too.

#10. Binge watch a few shows you may love.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (3)

It’s a well-deserved marathon. It’s also the only marathon you’ll ever be involved in.

#11. Dress well

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (1)

You’ve spent a long time in your body. You know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You know how you feel about your body. If you want to shed those kilos, do it. If you wish to accept it the way it is, do it. Do whatever you can to love your body. And dress well to show it off.

An excuse today is a regret tomorrow so remember to do whatever you wish and don’t waste time! Life’s too short not to be making the most of it.

10 Important Tips To Redesign Our Life In A Positive Manner

A positive attitude makes a successful and wonderful life. Every individual has a positive attitude but some of them fail to maintain it for long. The reason behind is maintaining a positive attitude in life it’s very tough when you have some trouble in day to day life. Maintaining Positive attitude can improve your mental/physical health, enhance your relationship, add some years to your life and increase the chances of success in every situation. So here are some important tips to redesign your life in a positive manner.

There are following ways to simplify your life and help you to maintain the positive attitude in all situation:

#1. Respect yourself and your life.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (2)


It’s very important to love yourself and your life because life is very precious if we love our self we naturally love every-things it’s a first positive step of redesigning of our life.

#2. Recognize our basic nature.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (1)

Second important thing is to know our basic nature either I’m self-centered, or short-tempered, or a compromising person.

#3. Make a list of our faults.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (4)

It’s important to know what mistakes I had done in the past. Leave the past and learn new things from it and focus on the present.

#4. Take determination to improve day by day.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (8)

To determine that I will never do it again never think it again, and want to see the change in my life and growth in my life.

#5. Write down your goal on a paper.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (3)

The best thing that a thing u want to do in your life write down on a paper and daily memorize it recall it.

#6. Believe in the power of yourself.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (5)

We always depend on others for our desires, our happiness, our life this is our big fault that’s why we never feel our power or become more dependent on others.

#7. Take determination to improve yourself day by day.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (9)

See the change in your personality day by day to determine that I am the only person that remove this negativity  that gives you more confidence.

#8. Never criticize or complain to others about your life.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (7)

It’s our attitude to complaining  to others for our things but it’s my life, it’s my fault, not others this type of thought help us to improve our mistakes and our personality also.

#9. Always curious to learn about new things, new creations , new places.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (6)

We born to live a happy life enjoy new things , new places ,so we always are ready to take the challenge to learn new things ,meet new peoples,visit new places this give us more positivity.

#10. Always thinks positive and do positive things.

10-Important-Tips-To-Redesign-Our-Lif-In-A-Positive-Manner (10)

If we really want to redirect our life a very simple thing is to think positive, live positive or do positive for yourselves and others.

10 Wonderful Uses Of Vodka That You Never Heard Before

It’s really amazing to find the things around us which are versatile in use. There are so many things that we have in use as multipurpose. So today, we are talking about one of the most versatile things that is vodka. We’re not talking about the various ways to mix vodka with so many different drinks to make an interesting cocktail. Actually, vodka is much more that you can’t imagine.  It have lots of healing benefits and household uses that will make you wow!

Vodka enjoys lots of magical rather than a party drink!

Lets check out these wonderful use of vodka that you never heard before:

#1. Say Goodbye To Stinky Feet

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (5)

Vodka works well to remove the bad odor of your feet quickly. Soak a small piece of cotton with vodka and gently rubbed on your feet. It helps to kill all the bacteria and fungus fast, and finally, remove the foul smell, without leaving any scent of alcohol.

#2.  Natural Antiseptic

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (7)

Vodka works as a natural antiseptic which helps to get rid of infection. It may be a little painful but it really work well.

#3. Freshen up your Stinky Shoes

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (1)

You can use vodka to freshen up your stinky shoes. Just take out some vodka in a spray bottle and misting them.

#4. Homemade Mouthwash

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (2)

Yes, it’s really strange that an alcohol drink can use as a mouthwash. Add a few drops of mint oil into a vodka bottle and leave it to set for 2 weeks. Finally, your mouthwash is ready to use.

#5. Use as a Hand Sanitizer

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (4)

Vodka kills all the bacteria and germs fast, without leaving alcohol scent. You can use it as a perfect hand sanitizer.

#6. Prevent Cold Sores

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (10)

Soak a little piece of cotton in vodka and rubbed it on your affected area to kill all the germs and make them dry quickly.

#7. DIY Ice Pack

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (9)

Vodka can help you to make an ice pack at home. Grab a sealable plastic bag and filled it with 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of vodka, mix well and put it into freeze for some time.  Vodka has the power to keep it solid so you can easily wrap it around your injuries.

#8. For Healthy Hair

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (6)

Keep your hair healthy and dandruff free use this diy vodka trick. Add two tablespoon of crushed rosemary with half cup of vodka and leave it to soak for a week then filter the mixture. Apply the mixture on your scalp after shampoo to give some extra boost to your hair and make them dandruff free.

#9. First Aid for A toothache

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (3)

Vodka is the best remedy to get instant relief from a toothache. Soak a small piece of cotton with vodka and put it on your tooth causing pain.  It allows gums to quick absorb the alcohol to numb the pain.

#10. Or Cheers it as a party drink!

10-Wonderful-Uses-Of-Vodka-That-You-Never-Heard-Before (8)

Tell us how you use vodka in comment box. If these hacks helpful to you, do share to everyone….

Personality Development! Emerging as an Important Predictor for Health & Success

Did you know that you could change your personality anytime you want??
Your personality says more than you can ever put in words.
Know the crux to get an impressive and dashing personality.
Know what Impressions are.

Any action that has been performed leaves an impression.
Habits, tendencies, emotional tendencies, temperaments, personality traits are all built through actions that we perform.
Each action I do either creates an impression or re-enforces a new one if action is a repetition.
Thus, these impressions are a complete record of my mental and physical actions i.e. all my experiences up to this moment.
If an action is repeated often it becomes a deeper habit or impression. In the same way that the more one digs a hole the deeper it gets and the more difficult it will be to erase all of its traces. Old habits die hard for this reason alone.

Personality-Development!-Emerging-as-an-Important-Predictor (1)
All the thoughts that occur in my mind are the direct result of my impressions or habits.
This can also be referred as Cyclic pattern of Thoughts.
As your thinking so shall be your actions and so shall be your impressions and so, in turn, will be your thinking.
Hence,    Impressions ∝ Thoughts
Henceforth,   Thoughts ∝ Impressions

Personality-Development!-Emerging-as-an-Important-Predictor (2)
Take the First step towards a successful life by getting to the root of developing attitude and personality.
As Thoughts are nothing but energy and where attention goes energy flows. Where energy flows, things grow.
Change the thought consciously and that’ll be all.

OMG!!! These 9 Foods Are Actually Non Vegetarian

There are some common foods which you intake in your day to day life but unaware of the ingredients and processes they came out. Here is a list of some foods which you never expected as non-vegetarian food.

#1. Soups

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (1)

Chinese Dishes are most preferred foods in India, but you will get shockingly surprised if we say that your Manchow soup is a non-vegetarian. Restaurants often add sauces to your soup which are made using fish or are fish sauces. So, next when you order any beware for the contents present in your soup.

#2. Naan

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (7)

We Indians, whenever to go for outing in a restaurant or hotels naans are a must part of your plate. But you know your naan can be non-veg? Not all but some authentic naan call for the use of eggs for kneading the dough to make it soft and give it to good elasticity. If you are pure vegetarian, my friend goes to get your substitute for your paneer tikkas.

#3. Oils

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (5)

Do you remember that commercial Ad for your “heart-friendly” oil? There is nothing to heart friendly at all! A compound named Omega-3 acids that found in oils and juice, known to be good for the heart, are obtained from fish oil. Some juices claimed that it contains vitamin d which obtained from Lanolin, found in sheep.

#4. Cheese

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (4)

Most of the Indians love to eat cheese like a fish to water, and we know how to add cheese to every dishes like cheese pasta, cheese pov-bhaji, cheese sandwich, and even cheese paratha!  Do you know that the cheese you love most, it contain rennet, which is an enzyme obtained from animal guts? Unfortunately, most of the cheese packets do not list the actual protein used in it, just list as a generic term “enzyme”.

#5. Beer/Wine

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (3)

A Compound named isinglass used in most of the beer or wine. This compound derived from fish bladders and makers use it to clarify their beer. So, do check double before buying your beer.

#6. Salad Dressings

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (8)

As a vegetarian ordering lettuce, salad can be a bad idea. Ever wondered what makes your salad so delicious? Most of the salad dressings are not vegetarian completely, and it contains eggs. So the next time when you order your favourite salad dressing, please check the ingredients list.


OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (6)

As a vegetarian ordering lettuce, salad can be a bad idea. Ever wondered what makes your salad so delicious? Most of the salad dressings are not vegetarian completely, and it contains eggs. So the next time when you order your favorite salad dressing, please check the ingredients list.

#8. Potato chips

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (2)

Many of you get shocked to know your chips packet is a nonveg food, But it’s truth. There are so many brands which contain the chicken fat, especially barbecue flavored chips. So next time when you go to buy any chips packet, double check the ingredients.

#9. Sugar

OMG!!!-These-Foods-Are-Actually-Non-Vegetarian (9)

We all, always prefer to buy/take white sugar, just because of it’s precious whitening nature. But do you know the hidden fact about it white sugar? At the time of processing, manufacture sends it through whitening processes. In this process, natural carbon is use for making it extra white. Wondering where that “natural carbon” obtain from? Charred animal bones, Yes, that’s right. So the next time always prefers to buy unrefined sugar, if you are a vegetarian.