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So Now You Can Eat Water Actually. Don’t be Shocked. Do Read

Did I just say that now you can eat water? Yes. I did. No am not drunk. This can actually happen now. Yes it is possible. Now you can eat water. But the question arises, How? I mean, it is in liquid form and hence we can drink it but not eat.

Well, we know that miracle happens. And everything is possible because of science. And once again they proved it.

Have you seen it before?


What is it ?

It’s an edible water bottle. Students of London invented it in 2014. Two years back. But am pretty sure that you haven’t seen it before.

They are made from a gelatinous membrane.

The name of this water is Ooho.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?


And the best part is, it can be made in your kitchen itself.

So I think it’s a high time to say goodbye to the plastic bottles and welcome this eco friendly bottle.

11 Amazing Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 30!

The life we have is short, and we can’t do everything in one life. But, here’s a list of 11 things you got to do before you turn 30; trust us, you’ll thank us later.

#1. Stop caring about other people’s opinions & living for social media.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (9)

We live an era where everybody’s lives seem to be going perfectly except ours. Instagram makes us jealous of people’s relationships and vacation pictures while Twitter shows us the pictures of people’s new cars and homes. Understand that you’re comparing your bloopers to someone else’s highlight reel. Nobody was, is and ever will be perfect. We all have things to deal with, and we’ll never share that part of our lives with the world. Also, what people think of us is none of our business. Learn to satisfy and please yourself and exceed your expectations rather than worrying about the opinions of others.

#2. Vote

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (7)

Whichever country you’re from, vote at least once. You should be able to say, with pride, that you’re an educated individual capable of understanding politics who has taken a decision to contribute to your country’s betterment to the best of your knowledge.

#3. Attend your favourite artist’s concert.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (4)

You may not age significantly immediately after 30, but surely, life will catch up. You may be at the peak of your career in your thirties or married or busy with children. You may have ageing parents to take care of or business trips to attend. Or simply, you may not be up for rocking at a live concert anymore and instead prefer to retire to bed with a cd playing in the background. So make the effort. Attend the show and have lots of fun and a great story to tell.

#4. Take a trip with you best friend or if you prefer, alone.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (5)

Travelling is an eye-opening experience everybody deserves. If you have a special group of friends, it may be enjoyable for them. If you’re someone who values solitude, then travel alone. But travel. It will give you time to reflect. To see what others don’t. To feel small compared to the rest of the world. To see problems much bigger than yours. The travels will end, but the memories last forever.

#5. Learn a language you were always fascinated with.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (8)

Maybe French has always had a special affinity to you or Hindi has a soft spot in your heart. Regardless, learn a foreign language. You may never use it, but surely, you’ll learn that words which do not exist in the languages you do know, and it will be a beautiful journey.

#6. Save

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (10)

You have to. You need to. You must.

#7. Splurge

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (11)

You deserve to. You want to. You can. But only once in a while to reward yourself. And only on things you truly think are worth it. You can’t be spending your hard earned money on expensive restaurants to impress society or designer dresses if they don’t make you happy.

#8. Learn an essential life skill.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (6)

If you don’t know how to swim or ride a bike or pitch a tent, shame on you. It’s not guaranteed you’ll need the skill. But it is guaranteed that if you do need it and you don’t know then, regret is all you’ll have.

#9. Cook

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (2)

Everyone should know how to make their favourite meal. Or a meal to feed someone when they come over. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey. You should know how to feed yourself and others too.

#10. Binge watch a few shows you may love.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (3)

It’s a well-deserved marathon. It’s also the only marathon you’ll ever be involved in.

#11. Dress well

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (1)

You’ve spent a long time in your body. You know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You know how you feel about your body. If you want to shed those kilos, do it. If you wish to accept it the way it is, do it. Do whatever you can to love your body. And dress well to show it off.

An excuse today is a regret tomorrow so remember to do whatever you wish and don’t waste time! Life’s too short not to be making the most of it.

10 Common Traits Of A Talkative Person!

Talk talk and talk. That’s all a talkative person wants in life. If they talk, they feel good. Here are some common traits you will only see in a person who loves talking.

#1. You are the newspaper of your group.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (8)

#2. Its you because of whom your whole group stay updated about what’s all happening in other’s life.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (7)


#3. After talking you feel relax.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (4)


#4. Because of your talking habit, sometimes you speak out something that you don’t mean.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (9)


#5. You don’t see any problem in talking to the strangers.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (3)


#6. For you, the favorite time pass is to sit and talk.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (1)


#7. People named you as gossip girl and you don’t have any problem in it.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (5)


#8. You always look for some good tariff plans.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (6)


#9. Your phone bills are so long and expensive to bear.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (2)

#10. Whenever you see someone telling a secret, you gets excited to join them.

10-Common-Traits-Of-A-Talkative-Person! (5)

Have more? If yes please share.

8 Things Only A Girl With Big Assets Can Relate To!

Big assets, beautiful face and nice curves. What else you want? This is what makes a lady complete and beautiful. Isn’t? But sometimes the gift becomes the sin. Having big assets will surely grab people’s attention and will make you look more beautiful but it has some problems too. Don’t believe? Come let’s see then.. Some couple of things which every big asset girl hears and is actually tired from hearing

#1. Omg! Its so big. Did you use something to make it look like that?

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (4)

Yeah people ask these questions while staring at it.

#2. How do you manage to sleep with them?

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (3)

People ask it as its difficult to sleep with them comfortably.

#3. People stares at them continuously and don’t take the eyes off them

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (1)

Yes it happens. People stare at them so desperately and even don’t stop when you notice them watching your assets.

#4. Aunties gives the weird look

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (2)

And that awkward moment when the old aunties gives a weird look while looking at them. Agrhh!

#5. Difficulty in finding clothes

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (5)

Doesn’t matter how fit you are, you will always find difficulty in finding clothes that makes you look decent and pretty.

#6. People asking questions like ever thought of breast transplant?

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (7)

Yeahh! That’s quite embarrassing.

#7. Guys following you just for the sake of your assets.

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (6)

Irritating right? When people just want you for your assets.

8. Nobody notice your face in front of your assets.

8-Things-Only-Girl-With-Big-Assets-Can-Relate-To (8)

It feels bad when nobody notice your face, eyes, hair and anything else no matter how beautiful you are just because of your big assets.

True isn’t? If you have any other point also, then do share.

7 Things You Should Do If You Want Your Relationship To Go Smooth!

Some people have relationship whereas some have a peaceful life. Lol! Jokes apart, what should we do for a happy relationship? Being in a relationship is kinda easy. But to manage it and make it happy always is not an easy task at all. Agreed? Want to know some things you can do for making your relationship long lasting and happy? Come and let’s see then..

#1. Trust your partner


Trusting is a big issue now a days. People don’t trust each other and maybe that is the reason their relationship doesn’t survive much. If you trust your partner, things will go good automatically but make sure you are good at differentiate between trust and blind trust.

#2. Give them an equal respect


When you start giving respect, you will get it too. No relation can survive without this. Giving respect to each other is one of the important thing every one should do.

#3. Give some space to your partner


Always doing baby, love, sweetheart, shona doesn’t work. Sometime, you need to give some space to your partner. They have a life too. Let them live it too. Don’t be an over caring person as it may ruin your relationship too.

#4. Understanding


Understand your partner. They may not be in a good mood always. Things happens. Problems comes. Understand them. Once you start understands each other, nobody can come in between.

#5. Don’t be insecure about anything


Insecurity kills relations. No matter how good bond you both share, it will kill the relation. It works like termite. It will hollow the relation from inside…

#6. Read the silence


Sometimes, all we want is to have someone who can read our silence. Its not important to speak always. Sometimes the silence can spread the magic which the words couldn’t. But you should be able to read it.

#7. Love each other


Last but not the least, love each other. Without love, nothing works. Love them as you are loving yourself.

These were some important things one should take care of for having a good relationship. Did we miss anything ? If yes then please share.

7 Things Your BF Do Which You Actually Hates.

Dwell in the misconception that you are the most perfect boyfriend in the world ? If yes, change it! Read it ahead.. Nobody’s perfect and nor so you. There are certain things which the girls actually hates. If you have anything similar in you then you too need to change it..wanna know what are they? Come let’s read ahead..

#1. Being late in dates


Generally that’s what girls do but not always. Even boys gets late and specially when they are needed the most.

#2. Being romantic everywhere


Of course its good, but not always. Being romantic is good when it is needed like in dates, while spending the alone time etc but not in crowded areas or when the one is resisting .

#3. Showing off his things


Showing off the expensive things to the friends, family and sometimes to your girl isn’t that cool. Isn’t? Sometimes, we get pissed of from all these cheesy things.

#4. Getting angry even in silly things


Getting angry on your girlfriend without any reason is really cruel. Of course she won’t like it.

#5. Instructing your girl and telling what to wear and what not.


The most idiotic thing I must say! She has grew up and intelligent enough to decide what to wear and what not to wear. It gives you the feel as if you are a puppet of his hand.

#6. Restricting her from doing things


Don’t restrict her. She is a girl not a doll. She has her own way of living life. Let her do whatever she wants. Don’t make her feel like she is in a prison.

#7. Being insecure about her


Don’t be insecure. Trust her. She won’t let you down but please don’t ask her to cut off from her male friends. That wouldn’t matter much but definitely will give a scar on your relationship.

So these were some bad habits you will see in your bf. Have more? If yes then please share.

10 Reasons Which Will Force You To Visit India.

Atithi devo bhava! This is what Indian feels about their guest. That means guests are like god. In a country like India, you will see many things. Different talents, religion, clothes, dance forms and everything. You will see the real beauty of this country. But still if we talk about why to visit India ? We will give you the reasons which will force you to visit at least one. So scroll down here…

#1. Their cultureĀ 


India is best when we talk about their culture. It has 29 states and almost every state has its own culture. You will love to see the different culture.

#2. The spicy food

10-Reasons-Which-Will-Force-You-To-Visit-India (7)

The spicy food can be found only in India. The different flavors, vast variety, colorful food with so much spice is surely too hot to handle but definitely too delicious to eat.

#3. The different dance forms


In India, you will get a chance to see the different dance forms like katthak, Bharatnatyam, Garba and etc..

#4. They are best as a host


Indians are known for their hosting. They are just wow as a host. Their nature and love will impress you and will make you feel comfortable.

#5. The art


You will see the different kind of arts and the artist here. From the power of thread to the power of voice, you will see everything here..

#6. You will get the chance of wearing the beautiful Indian clothes


For men, they have dhoti-kurta which will give you an Indian look and for women, they have an vast variety of clothes like Saaree, Suits, Lehenga and etc which is just perfect for an authentic look.

#7. You can visit many temples here


India is a religious place. No matter of what religion you belong to, you will see many temples, dargah, mosques, churches here.. Also you will get the chance to see many old temples here

#8. See the TAJ here


The pride of India, Tajmahal is located in Agra. You will get to see tajmahal and many more monuments like char minar, qutub minar, hawa mahal, India gate here…

#9. You will see the real beauty here..


You can see the beauty of nature in India. There are many villages located in India and you can smell the desi mitti di khushbu.

#10. The Bollywood movies


How can we forget this? The famous Bollywood movies and the celebrities. You really cant miss to watch it here.

Convinced? If yes then what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags! If we missed anything then do share!

7 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Stress !

Stress? Pissed off? Irritating? Isn’t? Stress is a phase of life where you see everything from a same point of view. That is negative point of view. Things go even worse than before and you can’t tackle it anymore. Want to getĀ  rid off it? But how? Here are some tips that may help you to reduce your stress. Let’s see what are they..

#1. Relax yourself

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (6)

A very first step would be relaxing your self. Just close your eyes and forget everything that irritates you. Think as the problem don’t even exists anymore. Do it at-least for some minutes.

#2. Eat what you love

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (2)

Eat whatever gives you some energy. Whatever you like, eat it. That will surely help to refresh your mood.

#3. Play with your pet

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (8)

Pets are really good at it. Spend some good time with your pet, teddy or any little kid in the house if you have. These are the one who really don’t care about their surroundings. They have a beautiful world of their own and they are happy about it. If you spend some time with them, you will surely feel good.

#4. Go for a walk.

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (3)

Walking is good for health and for our mood also. It will relax your mind and will boost you with some good energy which you will get from the greenery of your surroundings.

#5. Take a good nap.

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (5)

Sleeping is the best medicine for anything and almost everything. We forgets everything and just take a good peaceful sleep. It will make you forget your problem and will give you some energy to solve it.

#6. Do what you love.

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (7)

Do whatever you love to do. Doesn’t matter how silly the thing is. Don’t think about what other will say. Just concentrate on yourself. Do whatever you love to do. That will help you.

#7. Talk with a friend

7-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Reduce-Your-Stress (4)

Talk with a friend or someone from your family who is completely reliable and worth talking. Let your frustration come out and take a long breathe.

These were some of the tips which can surely help in reducing the stress. If you have an idea, let us know in the given comment box.

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change

India is a country of diversion. Diversity in culture, or religion, clothing, language and etc. But still the one. There are many things in India on which we are just proud. But at the same time, there are some certain things on which we really need to relax and change. Wanna know what are they? Let’s scroll…

#1. Don’t need to bargain everywhere

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change (4)

We Indians have a bad habit of bargaining. We generally bargains where we really don’t need to. For eg, while buying Manish Malhotra collection, we don’t mind spending 100bucks whereas when we are purchasing vegetables or fruits, we will use our whole energy just to fight and save the 5-10rs.

#2. Superstitions taking place in our lives

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change (6)

We are so controlled by the superstitions such as, car crossing the road is a sign of something will happen bad to the one who will go next to her or hanging a shoe or some chilies and lemon in the house for saving it from any bad thing.

#3. Watching any couple together is against our ethics.

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change (2)

If we see any couple together roaming, they are cheap and their parents have no control on them. Their upbringing must be done badly. We often hear these comments from the society when they see a couple going even normally on road.

#4. Girls wearing revealing clothes are slut.

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change (1)

We have still so backward thinking when it comes to the clothes. Whenever a girl wear jeans,skirts, deep neck top or anything revealing, they are considered as a slut even without knowing them.

#5. We still wish to have a son rather than a daughter.

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change (5)

Somewhere we still have that stereotype thinking when it comes to having a child. We still wish to have a son rather than a daughter as we still consider women below than men.

#6. We judge people from their caste and religion.

6 Things On Which India Should Relax And Try To Change (7)

Caste and religion is something made my us not by god. But we still judge people by their caste and religion. We prefer communicating people who are of our caste.

So these were some of the things which we really need to change in order to take a step ahead to the development. If you have some better thoughts then do share.

6 Things To Follow If You Want To Be Successful!

Successful people have their own charm, personality, and swagg! Isn’t? People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling etc are so inspiring. We adore them and we would love to become one of them. Isn’t? Yes, it is. But have you ever tried to find out why they are successful? Why people love them and want to become one of them? Why whatever they do, where ever they go is always being covered and go viral in social media ? It’s because of their hard work. Their attitude and devotion towards their work. From whichever field they belong so, they work with a good spirit. Their age, family issues, personal issues, ego doesn’t come into their work. They have some certain things which they follow in order to become successful. Wanna know what are they? Come and scroll down…

1. Take Your Decisions By Your Own.

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (2)

The one who is able to take his own decisions is the one who can be a good leader.People follow those who have the capacity to help their selves and others. The one who can take his decisions by his own and follow it.

2. Learn From Your Mistakes

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (4)

The biggest barrier in one’s growth is actually him. If you cant learn from your mistakes, you will keep on doing it and that will affect your growth. If you can learn from your mistakes and move forward then you can surely go ahead.

3. Be A Man Of Your Words

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (3)

You can achieve nothing in life if you cant be a man of your words. If you say something then mean it also. Don’t say anything for saying. Always think before you speak and if you speak something, do it. Don’t look back. Don’t give anyone a chance to point out you for your mistake.

4. Don’t Waste Your Time

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (1)

Time is actually precious. We all have same 24 hours in a day. All matters is how you utilize it. If you can utilize your own time in doing something good, then you can-surely get what you want.

5. Think Positive, Think Innovative

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (6)

Once you start thinking good, things will automatically become good. Innovations comes from a fresh mind and for that you need to think positive no matter how bad situation you are facing through.

6. Don’t Leave A Chance To Learn New Things

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (5)

There is no age for educating yourself. If you wish, you can keep educating yourself forever. No matter how knowledgeable you are, there is always a scope of learning. Don’t limit yourself. Go limitless when its about learning.

These were some mullya mantras which all our shining stars follows to become successful. If you have anything else then don’t hesitate to share.