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So Now You Can Eat Water Actually. Don’t be Shocked. Do Read

Did I just say that now you can eat water? Yes. I did. No am not drunk. This can actually happen now. Yes it is possible. Now you can eat water. But the question arises, How? I mean, it is in liquid form and hence we can drink it but not eat.

Well, we know that miracle happens. And everything is possible because of science. And once again they proved it.

Have you seen it before?


What is it ?

It’s an edible water bottle. Students of London invented it in 2014. Two years back. But am pretty sure that you haven’t seen it before.

They are made from a gelatinous membrane.

The name of this water is Ooho.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?


And the best part is, it can be made in your kitchen itself.

So I think it’s a high time to say goodbye to the plastic bottles and welcome this eco friendly bottle.

A Man Blowed Fire From His Hand

 We are so educated but still believe in superstitions. Whenever something unusual happens, we think it as a magic. A miracle. We don’t even think of finding out the reason behind that. The mystery behind the miracle. But the truth is that what we think of a miracle is just a superstition. A science. Nothing else. Here is a man trying to tell people the same..

A Man Blowed Fire From His Hand

    A man named Vilber is a magician. Recently he made a video of making fire from his hand and posted it. The video went viral and people start considering it as a miracle. But the reality is that it’s just a science. Vilber says-  its just a magic of science nothing else. I won’t disclose the secret of how I made it but can tell you that its just science nothing else. I want people to educate themselves about this. Whatever happens has a story. A scientific reason. Nothing is magic. Don’t be superstitious.

Author Credit: Casters Clips