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Find The WhatsApp Status That Suits You Best

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By just clicking on the button given below, you can share your status on the social media platform of your choice and get appreciated by all. So, if you are looking for new status to share on your WhatsApp daily then here is the answer. Just go to this site and choose from the various categories of status given there and share it with your friends and family. If you bored of having one status for too long, then it’s better you try this site and see, how they offer fresh, new and unique status for every day and different occasion. And the cherry on the cake is the fact that if you are a writer and want to earn with less efforts, then you can apply as a writer here and can make a good amount of money very easily. What are you waiting for? Get to be unique and share your unique thoughts with everyone around. Use this site and see how popular your WhatsApp status becomes!

11 Amazing Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 30!

The life we have is short, and we can’t do everything in one life. But, here’s a list of 11 things you got to do before you turn 30; trust us, you’ll thank us later.

#1. Stop caring about other people’s opinions & living for social media.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (9)

We live an era where everybody’s lives seem to be going perfectly except ours. Instagram makes us jealous of people’s relationships and vacation pictures while Twitter shows us the pictures of people’s new cars and homes. Understand that you’re comparing your bloopers to someone else’s highlight reel. Nobody was, is and ever will be perfect. We all have things to deal with, and we’ll never share that part of our lives with the world. Also, what people think of us is none of our business. Learn to satisfy and please yourself and exceed your expectations rather than worrying about the opinions of others.

#2. Vote

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (7)

Whichever country you’re from, vote at least once. You should be able to say, with pride, that you’re an educated individual capable of understanding politics who has taken a decision to contribute to your country’s betterment to the best of your knowledge.

#3. Attend your favourite artist’s concert.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (4)

You may not age significantly immediately after 30, but surely, life will catch up. You may be at the peak of your career in your thirties or married or busy with children. You may have ageing parents to take care of or business trips to attend. Or simply, you may not be up for rocking at a live concert anymore and instead prefer to retire to bed with a cd playing in the background. So make the effort. Attend the show and have lots of fun and a great story to tell.

#4. Take a trip with you best friend or if you prefer, alone.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (5)

Travelling is an eye-opening experience everybody deserves. If you have a special group of friends, it may be enjoyable for them. If you’re someone who values solitude, then travel alone. But travel. It will give you time to reflect. To see what others don’t. To feel small compared to the rest of the world. To see problems much bigger than yours. The travels will end, but the memories last forever.

#5. Learn a language you were always fascinated with.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (8)

Maybe French has always had a special affinity to you or Hindi has a soft spot in your heart. Regardless, learn a foreign language. You may never use it, but surely, you’ll learn that words which do not exist in the languages you do know, and it will be a beautiful journey.

#6. Save

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (10)

You have to. You need to. You must.

#7. Splurge

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (11)

You deserve to. You want to. You can. But only once in a while to reward yourself. And only on things you truly think are worth it. You can’t be spending your hard earned money on expensive restaurants to impress society or designer dresses if they don’t make you happy.

#8. Learn an essential life skill.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (6)

If you don’t know how to swim or ride a bike or pitch a tent, shame on you. It’s not guaranteed you’ll need the skill. But it is guaranteed that if you do need it and you don’t know then, regret is all you’ll have.

#9. Cook

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (2)

Everyone should know how to make their favourite meal. Or a meal to feed someone when they come over. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey. You should know how to feed yourself and others too.

#10. Binge watch a few shows you may love.

11-Amazing-Things-Everyone-Should-Do-Before-Turning-30! (3)

It’s a well-deserved marathon. It’s also the only marathon you’ll ever be involved in.

#11. Dress well

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You’ve spent a long time in your body. You know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You know how you feel about your body. If you want to shed those kilos, do it. If you wish to accept it the way it is, do it. Do whatever you can to love your body. And dress well to show it off.

An excuse today is a regret tomorrow so remember to do whatever you wish and don’t waste time! Life’s too short not to be making the most of it.

6 Things To Follow If You Want To Be Successful!

Successful people have their own charm, personality, and swagg! Isn’t? People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling etc are so inspiring. We adore them and we would love to become one of them. Isn’t? Yes, it is. But have you ever tried to find out why they are successful? Why people love them and want to become one of them? Why whatever they do, where ever they go is always being covered and go viral in social media ? It’s because of their hard work. Their attitude and devotion towards their work. From whichever field they belong so, they work with a good spirit. Their age, family issues, personal issues, ego doesn’t come into their work. They have some certain things which they follow in order to become successful. Wanna know what are they? Come and scroll down…

1. Take Your Decisions By Your Own.

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (2)

The one who is able to take his own decisions is the one who can be a good leader.People follow those who have the capacity to help their selves and others. The one who can take his decisions by his own and follow it.

2. Learn From Your Mistakes

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (4)

The biggest barrier in one’s growth is actually him. If you cant learn from your mistakes, you will keep on doing it and that will affect your growth. If you can learn from your mistakes and move forward then you can surely go ahead.

3. Be A Man Of Your Words

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (3)

You can achieve nothing in life if you cant be a man of your words. If you say something then mean it also. Don’t say anything for saying. Always think before you speak and if you speak something, do it. Don’t look back. Don’t give anyone a chance to point out you for your mistake.

4. Don’t Waste Your Time

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (1)

Time is actually precious. We all have same 24 hours in a day. All matters is how you utilize it. If you can utilize your own time in doing something good, then you can-surely get what you want.

5. Think Positive, Think Innovative

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (6)

Once you start thinking good, things will automatically become good. Innovations comes from a fresh mind and for that you need to think positive no matter how bad situation you are facing through.

6. Don’t Leave A Chance To Learn New Things

6-Things-To-Follow-If-You-Want-To-Be-Successful (5)

There is no age for educating yourself. If you wish, you can keep educating yourself forever. No matter how knowledgeable you are, there is always a scope of learning. Don’t limit yourself. Go limitless when its about learning.

These were some mullya mantras which all our shining stars follows to become successful. If you have anything else then don’t hesitate to share.