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Cloud 9 Stories – Funny & Weird Tale About A Wretch Passenger

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It was a long haul flight, and we were over the Pacific Ocean. As per the usual schedule after the meal service we commenced with HOT tea and coffee. A young male passenger sitting on the Aisle seat was on and off looking at me.
Though his stare was not awkward and every time I was approaching him for his choice of meal, he was quite generous to respond with a warm smile.

Generally, it happens to the passenger who is not a frequent flyer, and they do get eluded by the beauty of Air hostess.

Therefore, we consider it entirely reasonable, and I was without any prejudice, performing my services. As a part of the service, I asked him “would you care TEA or COFFEE SIR?” He was looking at me like a lost guy, after my repeat question he abruptly replied “Coffee, Please” and lifted his cup up.

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He was still staring at me as I started pouring the coffee into his cup and smiled at him.

God know, what happen to his guy and with a smile, he unknowingly removed his cup.

Ohh my Goodness, I could see that the hot, wiping hot coffee is about to fall on his P Parts.

And the moment coffee landed, there was a big scream came out from his mouth, and I too couldn’t do much to it as he was shaking from head to toe in pain and was unable to open the seat belt.

I promptly kept back both the serving ports on the aisle and opened his seat belt. He immediately rushed to the lavatory.

This, in turn, created a big scene in the cabin and passengers sitting next to him were uncomfortable.

I told them, no worries this shall be all right, please be relax.

I went back to the galley, and the galley-in-charge asked me what happened why that man screamed so loud.

I unfolded the story to her; she compassionately told me to knock on the lav doors and asked him if he needs some cold towel.

Which eventually I offered him,  he came out in a couple of minutes and then said with long breath lady. It’s been a year and 45 days that I was out of my home and was working in States and on the day 1 of my marriage because of individual popping out circumstances I had to leave on the wedding night.

Today, I am meeting with my wife for 02 days and my p parts are badly injured. Stating that this time too, my marriage would not be able to consummate.
I have learned a lesson today, however in a hard way.

Fascinating Facts About AK-47 Rifle Which You Didn’t Know

You are very much familiar with AK-47, but you hardly know the story behind it. Who made it? Why it is so valuable and why it is so sought?????

We are going to tell you the interesting story of the world’s largest selling assault rifle.

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You will get surprised to know that army of 106 countries adopted and the blueprint of this assault rifle is not designed in any laboratory or by any scientist but in a mind of an unhealthy person lying on a hospital bed. This gun was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov, who passed away in 2013. The name of this automatic rifle is on Mikhail Kalashnikov. It now became world’s most popular and widely used weapon.

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This is an automatic weapon of Mikhail that’s why it is named as Avtomat Kalashnikova later pronounced as Automatic Kalashnikov. Initial models face some difficulties later on in 1947 Mikhail Kalashnikov completed the design. It was hard to pronounce so shortened as AK-47. AK has much more different versions including AK-74 & AK-103. AK-47 is a weapon which can be fired accurately inside the wire, the speed of the bullet is so fast that even friction inside water is unable to reduce it.

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This rifle is very simple and can be constructed very quickly, which is why it is the only rifle which is the most copied concept in the world. This is the only weapon which can be used in every type of environment and can be cleaned within a minute.

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The rifle is a mixture of all previous gun technologies. If we talk about its specifications technically, its locking feature is taken from M1 Grand rifle. The trigger and safety lock is applied from Remington rifle model 8, However gas system and exterior design is adapted from S.T.G. 44. It can shoot both semi-automatic and automatically. Old bullets fall out from the rifle due to Recoil technology, and its shocks results to fill new cartridges. 7.62 X 39 mm is the size of cartridge used in it, which travels with the speed of 710 m/sec having a range of about 400 meters.

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